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How To Analyze and Take Advantage of Twitter Analytics

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As time goes on, more companies are allocating extra efforts to marketing on Twitter. With more than 500 million tweets published everyday, it’s safe to assume Twitter is becoming one of the most prominent places for companies to advertise. One way to measure success is to pay attention to your analytics, which will help you make better decisions in the future. Here are five Twitter analytics in your dashboard you should be checking on a regular basis.

Tweet Impressions:

Tweet impressions refer to the amount of times Twitter users are exposed to your content. These individuals can be followers, as well as followers of people who share your tweets. When you pay close attention to the number of impressions your tweets receive, you get an idea of how engaging and valuable your content is. It also gives you a better understanding of how many people are seeing your content. If that number isn’t as high as you’d like it to be, you will want to make a stronger effort in increasing your followers.

Profile Visits:

Profile visits refers to the number of times Twitter users land on your profile page. There are a few different ways you can go about looking at this metric. One important aspect is your profile picture. Having an image that entices people to want to learn more about you can help increase the amount of profile visits, which increases the likelihood that they follow you, too. Another vital aspect of your homepage is the description, or what you want people to know about you. The most important aspect of your profile is having a professional appearance and manner. Take the time to think about what you want people to know about you or what you want to be known for. The more effort you make with your profile information, the more successful you will be with your Twitter efforts.

Top Tweet:

In your Twitter analytics dashboard you will see a section that identifies your top tweet from each prior month. Impressions, likes, retweets and mentions are all taken into account when identifying what tweet was the most successful. Take a look at your “top tweet” from each month and look for patterns. Was there a picture? If so, what style of imagery was used? What was the messaging? Was there a specific call to action? Was it promotional or was it something more personal? These are all aspects of your content that can be analyzed so you have an idea of what people want to see, and how they engage with it. This will help you pinpoint what you should be focusing on when curating future content.  

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Top Follower:

As you begin to grow your follower base, the analytics dashboard will help you identify which followers have the greatest influence in the Twitter world. Each month, take some time to learn more about these individuals. Who are they? Where are they located? Do they share similar interests as you? After you’ve made an effort to do some research on them, reach out to them and start a conversation. The more personal you are, the more likely they are to respond positively. The key is to be genuine and not come off like a salesman. By taking a little time out of each month to engage with your top followers, you increase the likelihood of turning these followers into advocates and influencers.

Top Media Tweet:

It’s no secret that a majority, if not all, of your tweets should include some type of multimedia, whether it be a picture or video. According to Twitter’s blog, tweets with photos receive 313% more engagement than tweets that don’t include an image. Each month Twitter analytics will identify which of these images or videos was the most successful based off impressions and overall engagement. Remember the style of image you used for that particular piece of content and use that information for reference in the future.   

If you or your company are utilizing Twitter, take a little time every now and then to peak at your analytics dashboard. Knowing what content has been successful for you in the past will help you determine what will most likely be successful in the future.   

If you are looking for more expertise about Twitter or other social channels, contact us!

What Twitter posts get your page the most engagement?

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How To Make Your Business A Social Media All-Star

Social media has grown at an almost unbelievable rate during its brief lifetime. It seems there is a new social media platform being created daily. Some businesses fail to realize the power that sites like Facebook and Twitter have. Do you want your business to be a social media all-star? Check out these tips:

Selecting channels

Figure out which channels will suit your brand best. Does your company do work that’s visually appealing? Consider using Facebook and Instagram. Does your company put out content daily? Twitter might be the best option. Trying emerging social media channels allows for brands to gain popularity early on if it can learn what kind of content to use and the best way to utilize it.


The Internet is filled with blogs. Tumblr alone has more than 245 million blogs. User-generated content has become popular as the Internet has evolved. When businesses write blogs about industry related topics, they are seen as thought leaders and more credible. Brands should share their blog content on social media. You no longer have to wait for people to visit your site. You can put the content in front of people.

Content should also be engaging. Consumers don’t just want to see your daily specials or featured products. Instead of highlighting products, find relevant trends or topics to talk about. Find clever ways to say something that might not be so exciting. There are thousands of random holidays you can capitalize on. For example July 24 is National Drive-Thru day. If your business has a drive-thru, feature it in a fun and engaging way.

Content can also act as free public relations. If a follower didn’t watch the news or read the paper, they can still see events that your company put on or sponsored.

Community management

Social media allows companies to become more human. When a customer has a question, concern or compliment, you can be there as a brand to give them the right answer. Companies can also take control of potentially volatile situations. A customer takes to social media after slipping and falling in your store. You can respond immediately to them, and everyone else will see, too.

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Defined voice

The voice of a brand on the Internet is like its personality in real life. If a brand comes off as friendly, helpful and open, people will be more likely to trust your brand, giving you something that a newspaper ad or billboard can’t – a voice. Is your brand sassy, quirky and edgy? Or professional, clean and straightforward? Finding a brand’s voice can help with content ideas and get the right audience to read it.

Target audience

Everyone is on social media. If your business isn’t, get with the program. Facebook alone can target more than 1 billion people! It’s almost scary how specific Facebook can target. You can target using almost anything, including interests, behaviors, and much, much more. Writing great content is only effective if it is seen by the right people.

Creative Reign

Anyone can get on social media and post something, but the presentation and messaging need a creative touch to engage others, especially for businesses because of Facebook’s latest algorithm change. Make sure you have a right-brained person handling social media. Give them creative reign on content and your following will grow, guaranteed.

What are some of your favorite brands on social media and why? Tweet and let me know at @zakt3!

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How To Become A Boss In The Public Relations Industry

Shannelle Armstrong-FowlerIn April I interviewed Shannelle Armstrong-Fowler who is a lifestyle blogger, lecturer at Columbia University Chicago, communications consultant, founder of a bridal boutique (Haute & Co., where she oversees all public relations, external communication and client communication), ex Manager of Communications for McDonald’s and ex PR Director at Sears Holdings Corporation. She has been interviewed by Oprah. Yes, Oprah Winfrey. To put it simply, this woman is a badass. She is humble, kindhearted and demands respect. What advice would someone so successful give to someone just getting their foot in the door?

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat: Never stop learning. If you wish to advance in the industry, you must constantly adapt to the ever-evolving technologies being used. Wanting to be better at your craft is one thing, but wanting to be better and putting forth the necessary effort is another.

People watch: Part of being in public relations is understanding people; how they think and act. Pay attention to how others communicate: verbally and nonverbally. Are people reacting because of what you said or the way it was said? The more you understand people, the better off you’ll be. Plus, the more you converse with people, the more stories you will have to tell (trust me; I’m the office storyteller).

No multitasking: Surrender to the fact that you can’t do it all so prioritization is a must. Don’t let the inevitable stress get to you because it can literally kill you. Make time for your personal life. At work try and focus solely on the task at hand. If you’re working on multiple projects at the same time, you’ll never be able to give 100 percent of your attention to anything.

Philosophies:Be authentic. Shoot straight with others and try not to sugar coat anything,” Armstrong-Fowler said. “Honesty is always the best policy. Be confident, stay in your lane and be the best you can be every single day. Value clients and work hard to better them as best you can. Give more to the world than you take from it.”

Bonus: Lightning round with Shannelle

  • Favorite TV show? Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • Favorite pizza topping? pepperoni
  • Celebrity crush? Ryan Gosling (shocker)
  • Favorite social media platform? Facebook
  • Coffee person? Yes
  • Makeup of coffee cup?: 90 percent coffee, 10 percent creamer
  • If you could live in any decade, which would you live in? 80s
  • What song would be playing when you walk into a room? “I just want to celebrate” by Rare Earth

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Six Simple Star Trek Small Talk

Hello.  How are you?  Did you catch the game last night?  I can’t believe that’s ref’s call!  They’d have played better if it were warmer.  Did you know though, that some teams play better when it’s colder?  Which reminds me, have you tried the new frozen yogurt place across town?  I like their cherry flavor, but my fiancé would hate it.  Say, how’s your wife?…

Remember meeting your best friends in college for the first time?  Those wonderful “a stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met yet” situations are the best, but they can be confusing.  For a long time I couldn’t stand someone because I thought he was frustrating from afar, but after having to fill awkward silent moments of small talk with him I quickly came to know and love the guy.  Had I known how to approach him earlier I would have avoided months of misjudgment and gained a good buddy even sooner.

So, since this topic has been covered in multiple other blogs (artofmanlieness and Forbes, for example), permit me please to rehash it under the umbrella of the Star Trek universe.

Take it away Tasha…




  1. Ego in the elevator

It is okay to talk about yourself, but try not to be the focal point of your chitchat.  If the person you’re talking to spends ten seconds talking about their daughter, please don’t go off on a tangent about your kids for the better part of a minute.  Moreover, you don’t have to respond to someone’s comment with an example from your own life of the exact same thing (only you did it better, naturally).  After a while of keeping this up, you might see your small talk partner looking like Dr. McCoy.


  1. Familial fiascos

With Easter recently behind us, I’m guessing some of you held large family get-togethers with relatives you don’t regularly talk to.  Maybe you have a sister who thinks she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, or you have a dad like Sarek who has a difficult time opening up.  Help melt the tension by agreeing on how delicious the ham was, how eventful the weekend is, or how adorable those tribbles are.


  1. Current events crisis

Not everybody wakes up to NPR for an hour in the morning, so discussing current events can actually be useful to educate your conversation partner.  If I were living under a rock and suddenly decided to travel to The Ukraine, I would appreciate the person who warned me about the political unrest at the moment.  Just try not to be like Commander Sisko and lord your knowledge of any given topic over someone’s head.


  1. Weather weariness

You may not discuss the weather.  I know that it snowed.  I was there.



  1. Store sweatpants

It’s 11 a.m. on Sunday and you’re at Festival Foods during rush hour before a Packer Game and you’re noticing an abundance of adults in pajamas.  Instead of speaking your mind (which either sarcastically says A. How nice of you to get dressed this morning, or honestly says B.  I wish I were still in my sweats) be like Picard and gently compliment how plush their outfit looks.  Small talk about Duck Dynasty would also likely be acceptable.


  1. Surprise switcheroo

Lastly, if ever you’re thrown back in time to change your own history and you wake with a start to find an omnipotent being is sharing the bed with you, just cover yourself up and say nothing.


With this priceless knowledge at your disposal, you may now boldly small talk where no one has talked small before.  I just hope you have more success than Data

How To Make A YouTube Tutorial Video

Written by Kari Ausloos


Video tutorials have become popular on YouTube because it is always easier to learn how to do something by watching rather than reading a lengthy instruction. Video tutorials take time and effort to make, but they can be very beneficial to you and your viewers, especially if your business has any DIY aspect to it. Posting a video onto YouTube will increase the chances of your company being found online. Also, you are providing people with a valuable experience, learning how to do xyz.


If you’re thinking about making a video tutorial of your own, follow these tips to ensure that it will turn out great.


First of all, nail the basics. Make sure you have proper lighting, a quality camera and sound and limited distractions. The beauty of making a YouTube video is that anyone can do it. You don’t necessarily need the best equipment, even a cellphone camera will suffice, but making sure these basic requirements are met is crucial to making a good video.


The next step is to plan ahead. It’s a good idea to prepare a script or bullet points of what you want to talk about before you make the video. This will ensure that there are no awkward silences and help you avoid the frequent “ums” or “ahs” while speaking.


In the very beginning of your tutorial, you should identify the problem or what your video is about. This will grab the attention of your viewers and help them determine if this is the right video for them. The Small Things Blog is an excellent example of how a video tutorial should be. The tutorials include how to accomplish many different hairstyles and explain the process step-by-step.


Throughout your video, take your time and speak clearly. Keep a steady pace and go over every point you want to make clearly. Try not to use jargon that will confuse your audience. You’re most likely talking to beginners, so try not to sound too technical. Also, don’t forget to smile! Videos are a great way for a company to put a face to its brand, so make sure you put your best foot forward.


Another important factor to keep in mind is the length of your video. To put it briefly, put it briefly! Long videos can easily become boring and lose the attention of you viewers. They’ll likely end up clicking on cute cat videos instead of finishing yours. The average tutorial video is about 4 minutes, so use your time effectively.


Once you are done going through the steps in your video, thank your viewers. They took the time to watch it. On a last note, try to create some dialogue. Ask questions or provide additional resources including contact information or helpful links in the description section below your video. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has excellent examples of how to keep videos short and entertaining in their Go2UWO video blogs. Check them out!


Once you have the meat and potatoes of your tutorial done, be sure to edit your video. Take out spots that seem confusing or where you messed up on a line. People don’t want to watch a video of someone rambling and bumbling. To aid in the tutorial, you could add descriptive text bubbles or speed through the boring parts to make the video more entertaining to watch. For example, if your video is on how to make spaghetti, speed through the 15 minutes of boiling noodles.