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How To Analyze and Take Advantage of Twitter Analytics

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As time goes on, more companies are allocating extra efforts to marketing on Twitter. With more than 500 million tweets published everyday, it’s safe to assume Twitter is becoming one of the most prominent places for companies to advertise. One way to measure success is to pay attention to your analytics, which will help you make better decisions in the future. Here are five Twitter analytics in your dashboard you should be checking on a regular basis.

Tweet Impressions:

Tweet impressions refer to the amount of times Twitter users are exposed to your content. These individuals can be followers, as well as followers of people who share your tweets. When you pay close attention to the number of impressions your tweets receive, you get an idea of how engaging and valuable your content is. It also gives you a better understanding of how many people are seeing your content. If that number isn’t as high as you’d like it to be, you will want to make a stronger effort in increasing your followers.

Profile Visits:

Profile visits refers to the number of times Twitter users land on your profile page. There are a few different ways you can go about looking at this metric. One important aspect is your profile picture. Having an image that entices people to want to learn more about you can help increase the amount of profile visits, which increases the likelihood that they follow you, too. Another vital aspect of your homepage is the description, or what you want people to know about you. The most important aspect of your profile is having a professional appearance and manner. Take the time to think about what you want people to know about you or what you want to be known for. The more effort you make with your profile information, the more successful you will be with your Twitter efforts.

Top Tweet:

In your Twitter analytics dashboard you will see a section that identifies your top tweet from each prior month. Impressions, likes, retweets and mentions are all taken into account when identifying what tweet was the most successful. Take a look at your “top tweet” from each month and look for patterns. Was there a picture? If so, what style of imagery was used? What was the messaging? Was there a specific call to action? Was it promotional or was it something more personal? These are all aspects of your content that can be analyzed so you have an idea of what people want to see, and how they engage with it. This will help you pinpoint what you should be focusing on when curating future content.  

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Top Follower:

As you begin to grow your follower base, the analytics dashboard will help you identify which followers have the greatest influence in the Twitter world. Each month, take some time to learn more about these individuals. Who are they? Where are they located? Do they share similar interests as you? After you’ve made an effort to do some research on them, reach out to them and start a conversation. The more personal you are, the more likely they are to respond positively. The key is to be genuine and not come off like a salesman. By taking a little time out of each month to engage with your top followers, you increase the likelihood of turning these followers into advocates and influencers.

Top Media Tweet:

It’s no secret that a majority, if not all, of your tweets should include some type of multimedia, whether it be a picture or video. According to Twitter’s blog, tweets with photos receive 313% more engagement than tweets that don’t include an image. Each month Twitter analytics will identify which of these images or videos was the most successful based off impressions and overall engagement. Remember the style of image you used for that particular piece of content and use that information for reference in the future.   

If you or your company are utilizing Twitter, take a little time every now and then to peak at your analytics dashboard. Knowing what content has been successful for you in the past will help you determine what will most likely be successful in the future.   

If you are looking for more expertise about Twitter or other social channels, contact us!

What Twitter posts get your page the most engagement?

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We blog about a wide array of topics that revolve around marketing and adulting in the workplace. After researching material and writing these posts, we want to ask: What do YOU want us to write about?

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Just in case you need a refresher:

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The marketing world is constantly evolving and changing. There are always new trends, apps and platforms emerging. Staying up to date on these trends is important and beneficial. Some of our previous blogs focused on this topic include 3 Web Development Trends You Need To Know About and How To Use Pokemon Go To Market Your Business.

Marketing Tools

There are so many tools and so little time to learn all about them! Candeo Creative uses various marketing tools to help our team. One of our popular blogs in this category is 3 Useful Marketing Tools. This blog highlights tools important to our agency and how they help us in various ways.


Social Media

Previously, we have focused on the benefits of various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Some blogs include The Benefits Of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and How To Make Your Business A Social Media All-Star. These blogs talk about social media as a whole, along with tips and suggestions.


Candeo Creative

Writing about our company is always a favorite because there is never a dull moment. Our company is filled with creativity, excitement, fun and constant learning. Read What Makes Candeo Creative, The Power Of Kindness In The Workplace and The Soundtrack Of Candeo Creative. As you can see by the diversity of these titles, this category always has excitement!

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What do you want to continue reading about? Is it a category already mentioned or something different? Let us know by taking our survey! Your thoughts, comments and opinions are incredibly helpful and will help us better understand your interests! So, this is your time to tell us what you want, what you really, really want!

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How To Use “Pokémon GO” To Market Your Business

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon GO, then you’re missing out on a great business opportunity for your company! Pokémon GO is the latest gaming app that has everyone talking! This app turns the real world into a virtual life Pokémon game using your phone’s GPS and camera to make you feel as though you are in the game hunting Pokémon. When you start the game and join a team, you’ll have access to Pokémon Gyms and PokéStops, which are physical locations near you where you can train your characters or catch them. Keep reading to find out how Pokémon GO can help market your business and actions steps you can take to get started:


Embrace it, don’t turn it away

If your business is lucky enough to be a Pokémon Gym or PokeStop, embrace it! What steps can you take? If your company is a PokéStop, don’t turn your distracted gaming customers away, welcome them! These locations were chosen by the game creators as real locations for stops in the game, which gives you free advertising opportunities. It is a great time to make a positive first impression on future customers. This will help build a larger client base with the free advertising you are getting! If your location was not chosen as a PokéStop, that doesn’t mean you can’t join the frenzy.

Greet customers that come into your business with a friendly face and an open door, even if they’re looking down at their phones the whole time. Ask them to submit photos of their Pokémon journey to your business’ social media pages. This will boost your engagement, get more people excited and remind local gamers your location us a stop. Also, by greeting and showing appreciation for their stop, they will want to visit again.


Our client, Caramel Crisp Cafe, is one of the lucky businesses with a PokeStop! They set up a “Pokemon GO” photo contest for customers to win a $25 gift card.

Share your location

When and where should you start? Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to tell people in your location that you are a stop in this popular app! Post statuses or photos on your social networks and invite people to partake in the fun. Create an area for pictures that people can post at your location and share on social media as well to entice people to stop in. By default, this brings more foot traffic and potential customers into your business. Sharing this will only boost business.

Encourage customers who come into your business playing the game to take photos and upload them to your page. Ask them if you can take photos of them as well and use that as your content for your social media pages. Make a photo contest and invite your customers and followers to share their photos with a common hashtag, and randomly pick a winner for a gift card or a free item! You could also request players write down their name and email for a random prize drawing!

Make it work for your business

Make the marketing for this app blend in with your brand. How can you get started? Use this app to make it work for your business and customers. If your business is a coffee shop, you could offer a drink special based on Pokémon. If you’re a marketing agency, create a photo station for people with your name and a Pokémon message. If you’re a restaurant, offer a coupon to players for their next visit. It’s a great time to get creative and increase foot traffic!

Brainstorm with your team members on ideas. If your business is a bar, create a drink special like “The Pika Brew” or a “Gotta Drink ’Em All” special! Make your brand playful by utilizing the Pokémon theme in your marketing. Create simple deals and specials you can promote on your social media channels that will encourage people to stop by. The best way to begin is to identify the culture of your business and go from there.


Have you used “Pokémon GO” to market your business? Tell us about it!

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The Benefits of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

According to the Facebook Newsroom, approximately 1.65 billion (yes billion) people use Facebook. There are also about 310 million users on Twitter, according to statista and 433 million LinkedIn users, according to DMR. As you can see, social media is ubiquitous in our society. These three major social platforms have their own benefits. Read on to learn more.


In my opinion, Facebook is arguable the most popular social platform, with Snapchat racing for the lead. While Snapchat may be growing quickly, Facebook still has a stronger foundation of connecting people and has numerous benefits for users and followers. It’s a quick and easy way to connect with people all around the world, whether it’s with local or distant friends and relatives. Now you can travel across the world and remain friends online when you return home!

Facebook is one of the most targeted forms of advertising for an inexpensive price. If you’re marketing your company and promoting a product or event, boosting your Facebook post helps get your company out there to thousands of people around the globe. It’s one of the most efficient and quick ways to get your brand noticed.

Lastly, Facebook live videos provide you with a sense of honesty and vulnerability since you have the power to record in real time. It’s a brilliant marketing tactic that promotes engagement with followers, making them feel as though you are talking right to them.



Twitter has really grown on me over the years, thanks to the hashtag. It’s a fun, quick and easy way to share your message with others who are using the same hashtag.

This works great for businesses, too! For example, if you are promoting a product, you can use the hashtag of your city and connect with others who are searching for happenings in your area. You can also search and follow trending hashtags that change every day.

I love staying current with breaking news via Twitter. I also enjoy tweeting at my favorite authors and retweeting about causes or movements I care about. Lastly, Twitter is a great way to connect with the world a little differently than Facebook with the use of hashtags or topic searches that interest you. This platform is beneficial for both users and followers.

LinkedIn is a place where people can surf job openings and connect with fellow professionals and various businesses. One of the greatest benefits of this platform is showing other people and companies what you are doing as a professional or how your organization is succeeding. It’s a place to share your skills, talents, awards and work experiences. It works as an online resume, but you won’t be penalized if it’s more than one page long! Also, once you start to add connections, LinkedIn will start suggesting more connections in your field and area. It’s a great way to get your face and expertise out there, because everyone is somehow or someway connected.

What benefits do you get from using social media platforms for your personal and professional life?

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Most Important Social Media Marketing Metrics To Measure

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Does your company track its digital marketing efforts? Are you finding it difficult to choose which ones to focus on? If you answered yes to either of these questions, don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Social media marketing has brought with it a variety of new ways to reach customers, as well as potential ones. Along with these new tactics comes the challenge of measuring the results and how effective campaigns actually are. No one will argue that social media is the new face of advertising but, for some companies, is it worth it? Are they on the right channels, reaching the right audience? In this article are four key metrics your business should be tracking on a regular basis. Whether you monitor your mediums on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, making it a habit to check these statistics is crucial. Let’s take a look:


Although this metric may not drive sales directly, it is the most important in terms of brand awareness. Likes, comments, shares and reach are all of the vital pieces of this puzzle. Producing content that people want to interact with is critical within a marketing strategy. In addition, the people who do respond positively to your content are more likely to relay that information to others. Facebook and Twitter have done a wonderful job developing and implementing software that tracks all of this for business pages. Under Facebook’s insights tab, you are able to see how your page is performing and find demographic data about your audience, and see how people are discovering and responding to your posts. You are also able to get an understanding on when your audience is responding to your content, this helps you to better form your timing strategy.

Brand Search Volume

Have you ever referred back to a company or brand you saw on a social media site while searching for something on Google? A 2009 GroupM study customers who are exposed to a brand via social media are 180 percent more likely to look for that brand when using search engines. Google Insights is a tool that allows you to monitor your company’s search volume versus your competitors. This allows you to see what types of content works better than others, which will drive better search results overall for your business.

measuring metricsCustomer Response Rate

Rather than pick up the phone to address an issue, customers are now taking to social media sites for answers. According to a 2013 study by NM Insight, 1 in 3 social media users prefer to contact a company via social media rather than make a phone call. Out of those who take to the web, only 36 percent said they had their issue taken care of quickly and efficiently. In order to establish and maintain relationships with customers, you must be willing to help them when they ask for it. Constructing a schedule that allows you to monitor questions and concerns people have about your business will allow you to keep up with these requests, ultimately leading to better customer loyalty.

Inbound Links

Unfortunately nowadays, your website alone won’t get you into the top results of search engine result pages. Inbound links have now become a dynamic part of reaching more potential customers and are one of the most important elements in successful SEO. Incorporating these links to your social media channels is incredibly easy and effective. Do you integrate a link to your main website with a majority of your social media posts? If not, you need to rethink your strategy. Take a look at your competitors and see how many links they’re implementing into their content; this will give you a better idea of what you should be doing. Open Site Explorer is a site that allows you to track up to 1,000 links with the free version.

Hopefully these metrics will help you shift your marketing strategy in a better direction. If you are already tracking this information, great! Be sure to research other metrics that can help your company grow and be more successful, as there are many more. The digital marketing world is a crowded, overwhelming place that can cause large amounts of frustration. By evaluating our online presence and its effectiveness, we as marketers can significantly reduce this unneeded stress.