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What To Do If You Clicked The Google Doc


Warning: Don’t click any of the many shared Google Docs you’ve received today (May 10, 2017). A virus is masquerading itself as a legitimate Google Docs link, and it has no warnings from Google about its validity right now. It’s very easy to mistake it for authentic.

If you did click any of the docs, don’t burn your computer. Follow these simple steps to secure your account.

  1. Remove the authenticated service from your Google account here. If you see Google Docs listed, delete it. This is an imposter. Google Docs already has access to your Google Account and doesn’t need it specified here.

  2. UPDATE: Google officially announced it is investigating this phishing scam. It asks you report your messages as phishing within Gmail.
  3. Our friendly web team also recommends changing your password immediately, and being mindful of any password reset links you may see for a few minutes.

Big shoutout to our web team for keeping us safe amid the chaos. Literally the best place for this to happen to an account is within their knowledgable reach. Read Sam’s full post about the virus. Then keep up with the Twitter jokes.

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5 Free SEO Tools To Boost Your Rankings

Search Engine Optimization can be an intimidating phrase to companies and individuals who aren’t familiar with everything it entails. From keyword strategies to fixing broken links, it can be overwhelming to try to accomplish everything at once, rather than take it one step at a time. Luckily, there are a number of tools to add more value to each effort. We have outlined five free tools that can help you the next time you want to tackle some digital marketing tasks.    

Google Keyword Planner

This tool addresses the most basic form of keyword research. It shows you what people are searching for and the volume of the search phrases. You simply type in one or more keywords, choose where you want to focus your search geographically and let Google take it from there. Along with search volumes for your phrases, Google’s Keyword Planner will also provide a long list of related keywords and phrases to guide you in the right direction. If you’re interested in a pay-per-click campaign, the Keyword Planner also provides you with the average cost-per-click price for each search phrase.  


Keyword Finder

The Keyword Finder tool goes more in depth than Google’s Keyword Planner. Along with search volumes, this tool shows you the ranking score, or how difficult it is to organically rank, for particular search phrases. This helps you put together a thorough keyword strategy.  


Check My Links

Broken links on a website can hinder any company’s organic search ranking efforts. Check My Links is a Google Chrome extension application that checks for broken links throughout your site. It can be installed directly into your web browser. Once installed, you will notice a small icon in the top right corner of your browser with a check mark. When selected, it will immediately activate and crawl the website you are currently viewing, searching for valid, invalid and questionable links. It will highlight where all of the links are located, making it easier to fix the broken ones.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake  gives users the most on-page search engine optimization value. With the page analysis tool, you can see how the technical characteristics of your website compare to how Google and other search engines want them to look. Meta descriptions, headings and image tags are just a few of the things SEO Quake assesses. The tool also compares internal and external links on your website, as well as generates a keyword report showing the density of each individual phrase. SEO Quake is one of the best all-around search engine optimization tools for any company’s digital audit to improve their overall efforts.


One of the best pagespeed reporting tools, GTmetrix takes an in-depth look at how long it takes for your website to load. Simply type in a URL and wait for GTmetrix to work its magic. The dashboard will give you a pagespeed score, page load time and a variety of other technical aspects. Modern search engines have made pagespeed a top priority when it comes to organic rankings. Their ultimate goal is to give the user the best experience possible, and if a website takes too long to load, Google and other search engines are going to penalize it.  


These five SEO tools can provide value to you as you modify your digital marketing practices. Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be a big scary monster that seems impossible to master. By taking it one step at a time and mastering the tools above, anyone can face it head on.

What SEO tools do you use?




3 Web Development Trends You Need To Know About

The marketing world is always changing with new trends constantly surfacing. Being the communications intern, I am always reading and learning about new social media and marketing trends. Web development is an area of marketing that is also constantly evolving. Our web developer, Sam Oldenburg, explains the top three web development trends he believes are worth knowing about.


1. CSS Pre-Processors

In a nutshell, CSS Pre-Processors are tools used to help implement website designs. As Sam explains, CSS hasn’t evolved significantly over the last 10 years. Having CSS Pre-Processors makes one’s website easier to maintain and allows developers to implement designs faster. For example, Sam explains how, here at Candeo Creative, we use SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) which is basically a shorthanded way to write CSS. SASS allows more CSS writing at a quicker pace.

2. Next Generation Javascript

Many people have heard of Javascript and may have seen it pop up on their computer. Sam explains ES2015 is the newest standard of Javascript being implemented by browsers. As mentioned previously, CSS handles the visual display of a website and Javascript implements the functionality of a website (e.g., opening tabs on a site, hiding or showing additional content). Sam says ES2015 is a new and exciting standard that revolutionizes how Javascript is written by developers. In short, ES2015 allows developers to write simpler code, which results in saved time and increased organization.

3. React

React is a tool developed by Facebook and is the technology that helps power sites like Facebook and Instagram. Sam believes one aspect that makes React notable is that it takes HTML and Javascript and meshes them together. React lays out a website’s structure and provides tools to easily build dynamic web applications. To better understand this tool, Sam used a helpful analogy. Let’s say you are building a house. You can choose to shop at the hardware store for lumber and tools to build your foundation. Or you can buy a prebuilt structure that will make building easier since all of your tools are in one place. The prebuilt structure in this scenario is how React works in simplifying the process of creating dynamic websites.

Sam says the web is constantly evolving and that these three trends have caught on. They all work well together and allow you to build innovative and unique websites in a relatively short amount of time.

Do you need a new website for your organization, or need advice on how to improve it? Contact us today!

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How Throwback Thursday Benefits Brands

Throwback Thursday, otherwise known as #TBT, is not just for posting old school personal pictures anymore. Brands can also take advantage of this trend.

The hashtag #TBT started as a way for people to share older photos of themselves and reminisce about the past. Now, businesses see this as an opportunity to create trendy content that builds relationships with consumers.

According to Stephanie Frasco of Social Media Today, “If you participate in the trend correctly you can brand your business and earn a lot of respect and social credibility.” Frasco also adds that one #TBT photo can reach a wide audience over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a blogging platform.

Benefits of Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday posts say a lot about a brand. Here are three positive characteristics of businesses using #TBT:

1. Experienced

The success of a business often relates to how long the company has been around. Throwback Thursday is a chance for people to look back on a company’s history and growth.

2. Trendy

As social media trends come and go quickly, #TBT posts show that a brand is on the cutting edge. Participating with these posts tells consumers that a brand is relatable, fun and worth their investment.

3. Unique

#TBT is a way to share a brand’s unique story. From the ribbon cutting ceremony to the first Christmas party, every company has memories to reminisce about. By sharing a story through #TBT, a brand can showcase its personality.

According to Craig Carter from Ignite Social Media, the following tweets are examples of how businesses have successfully used the Throwback Thursday hashtag to engage with an audience:


This old-school post by Wendy’s showcased some vintage style while highlighting their very own fast food innovation.

Old-School Wendy's Photo

Southwest Airlines

After 42 years of service, Southwest Airlines tweeted this photo of their original Houston location as a way to inform and entertain.

Southwest Airlines Original

Creating Throwback Thursday Content

Every company has its own history. Throwback Thursday is a chance to tell that story. And who doesn’t enjoy that nostalgic feeling? Whether its business innovations, the first office space or an old logo, every brand can benefit from participating in #TBT.

What brands have you seen use #TBT?

Get Online, Or Die

For years now, marketers have been preaching to you: “get a website; manage your Facebook page; invest in SEO; open a web store to sell what you offer.” It seems that we all know the importance of being online, and you may have a website or a Facebook page, but are you really taking your online presence seriously?

Just to clarify, when I say online I am referring to:

  • Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) presence
  • Your SEM (search engine marketing) presence
  • Your social media presence (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Your website presence
  • Your mobile web/application presence

If you’re not online, or you’re not taking your web presence seriously, you’re dead. Gone. Donzo. Finished. Although this may seem a little extreme, take a look at some of these numbers below provided by Wamda.

1. New media is killing old media.

new vs old

2. Smartphone users are spending more of their time texting and social networking (combined) than talking or browsing the web.

Those looking to build another smartphone app might want to consider these facts. Could the experience of sharing information over chat be improved?


3. iOS is driving the overwhelming majority of e-commerce website traffic.

Despite the fact that Android wins at nearly everything, including market share for smartphones and tablets, iOS is leading in U.S. ad revenue according to Business Insider.


4. Digital video revenue is dominated by on-demand services.

Although the vast majority of global ad dollars spent is still in TV, digital revenue is growing. In the U.S., Netflix brings in far more than YouTube, while Hulu’s revenue is shrinking. As YouTube turns on ad services in emerging markets, its revenue will continue to accelerate.

digital video

5. The wearable market is set to skyrocket

The wearable marketing is growing from around $2 billion this year to around $12 billion in 2018. According to Business Insider’s data, 22% of those polled think wearables are the next big thing in mobile (more than any other category), and yet 87% of respondents have never purchased or received one.


Marketing and advertising growth continues to shift to digital. If your brand is not active here, or your brand is not investing in digital marketing, start digging your grave now. This isn’t to say that traditional marketing is dead; traditional marketing is still very viable, but the shift to digital marketing grows more and more every single day.

Looking for a partner in the ever-changing digital marketing world? Contact us to get started!