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5 Tips For Writing A Blog

Writing weekly blogs for Candeo Creative isn’t always easy. Some days topics rush to mind, while other days we hit a roadblock. How do we stay current and keep our blogs fresh? We have a few top secret techniques that we’ll share with you. OK, they’re not top secret, but they are helpful!



Brainstorming sessions are underrated. People often think brainstorming takes too much time and isn’t worth it. Wrong! Brainstorming sessions are crucial to get creativity flowing and help come up with new ideas. Before writing a blog, try a brainstorm with a group or by yourself! Pull out some paper to write down ideas or play a game. There are copious amounts of strategies out there. You just have to pick what works for you or keep alternating between a few.

Google Is Your Friend

Google is a great tool to use to find ideas and spark creativity. Even typing in something as simple as “blog topics” will give you endless amounts of ideas. Try putting together random words to see where Google takes you! Who knows, “dogs wearing funny hats” might give you inspiration for a style blog or marketing campaign.



Inspiration is around – you just have to find it. Step away from your computer and take a short walk. You may come across a quote or image that sparks ideas. Try taking a trip (even if it’s just to the grocery store!), riding your bike, watching the news or reading a new book to help you come up with your next big idea!


What are the latest trends? What is everyone talking about? Figure it out and write a blog about it. Staying current with trends keeps you on pace with your competition at the very least and can even turn YOU into a trendsetter other people will watch. There are a number of sites that send you emails about new trends, such as HubSpot and Social Media Examiner. HubSpot’s marketing blog gives you insights about products, their features and best practices to make digital marketing most effective. Social Media Examiner gives you tips on how to use social media to connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand and increase your sales.



Where does your passion come from? Writing about topics that truly interest you makes the process of finding a topic easier. Write a list of topics that you enjoy learning about, pick one and start researching. If you enjoy dancing, figure a clever way you can incorporate it into a blog topic. For example, we could research the ways companies have used dance to create viral marketing campaigns and write a blog about successful campaigns that use dancers. T-Mobile’s Welcome Back flash mob has more than 15 million views on YouTube!


What tips do you use to write your blogs? We’d love to hear!

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5 Ways To Stay Relaxed At Work

It’s no secret that stress happens at work, no matter what job you have. In agency life, some stressors include deadlines, meetings, client feedback, creative mind blocks and more. When stress becomes overwhelming, what can you do to stay relaxed?

1. Plan Out Your Schedule

One way to reduce stress during the work day is by planning out your schedule. This can be as simple as making a to-do list or blocking time off on your calendar This technique helps calm your mind because you are able to see what you have to accomplish. Creating a schedule helps you balance your day in order of importance and deadlines. It’s a simple change that goes a long way!

2. Take A Break

Don’t forget to take a break, even if it’s only five minutes! If you feel like you have no time, make it happen any way. Stepping away from your desk allows your creative juices to rejuvenate so you can refocus on your work. When you’re facing a mental block, the last thing you want to do is sit and stare at your computer screen.

IMG_5028 (1).JPG
3. Music

Turn on some soft beats and relax! Music is a powerful tool that works wonders for creativity. If you are going through a stressful stretch at work and need to relax, put classical or any music that calms you down. Everyone is different, so find what works for you.

4. Evaluate Your Diet

Realizing what you are eating and drinking every day can make a big difference in your overall well-being. That’s one reason Candeo Creative was gracious enough to supply our team with Snack Nation, a company that sends healthy, organic snacks every month so we can eat healthier throughout the day. If you have a sugary breakfast every morning, consider changing your diet to fruit or a protein bar. Instead of eating unhealthy snacks when stressed, consider eating foods like blueberries or almonds. The nutrients in these foods help cure anxiety as well as improve mental well-being.

5. Meditate

Close your eyes and breathe, focusing on the moment as it’s happening. Meditation is an excellent practice for personal well-being and stress. The Huffington Post reported that meditation helps make a person more positive, relieve stress and decrease depression. The best part of this exercise is that you can do it sitting at your desk.


What helps you relax at work? We would love to hear!

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Tell Us What You Want

We blog about a wide array of topics that revolve around marketing and adulting in the workplace. After researching material and writing these posts, we want to ask: What do YOU want us to write about?

We have created a survey so you can share your thoughts in a quick and easy way!

Just in case you need a refresher:

Marketing Trends

The marketing world is constantly evolving and changing. There are always new trends, apps and platforms emerging. Staying up to date on these trends is important and beneficial. Some of our previous blogs focused on this topic include 3 Web Development Trends You Need To Know About and How To Use Pokemon Go To Market Your Business.

Marketing Tools

There are so many tools and so little time to learn all about them! Candeo Creative uses various marketing tools to help our team. One of our popular blogs in this category is 3 Useful Marketing Tools. This blog highlights tools important to our agency and how they help us in various ways.


Social Media

Previously, we have focused on the benefits of various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Some blogs include The Benefits Of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and How To Make Your Business A Social Media All-Star. These blogs talk about social media as a whole, along with tips and suggestions.


Candeo Creative

Writing about our company is always a favorite because there is never a dull moment. Our company is filled with creativity, excitement, fun and constant learning. Read What Makes Candeo Creative, The Power Of Kindness In The Workplace and The Soundtrack Of Candeo Creative. As you can see by the diversity of these titles, this category always has excitement!

unicorn 2.jpg

What do you want to continue reading about? Is it a category already mentioned or something different? Let us know by taking our survey! Your thoughts, comments and opinions are incredibly helpful and will help us better understand your interests! So, this is your time to tell us what you want, what you really, really want!

Take the survey!

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5 Tips To Stay Active At Your Desk

Sitting at a desk all day can be difficult and bad for your health. It can cause back pain, soreness and make you feel groggy. However, don’t let this ruin your creativity or put a damper on your flourishing mind! Read these five tips to help you stay active at your desk:

1. Foot Alphabet

Yes, it is possible to exercise from your (hopefully) comfortable, cushioned chair! One exercise you can do is the foot alphabet. It’s simple and just as fun as it sounds! Take off your shoes (if you can), sit up straight with your feet on the floor and write the alphabet in the air with your big toe. After you finish, do the same thing with your other foot. This exercise helps with ankle strength and foot and toe flexibility. It’s also nice to get your feet and toes out of bunched up shoes.

2. Power Walk

At our office, we take five minutes twice a day to power walk! If you can, get up from your desk and power walk around your office. This helps you get out of your chair, be in a new setting and stay active. It’s also a great way to get those creative juices flowing!


3. Posture

Posture is so important and it’s easy to become slouchy when you sit all day. Take some time to make sure your keyboard and mouse are far away enough away so your wrists are straight and elbows are tight next to you.

4. Fitness Ball

If it is possible, sit on a fitness ball instead of a normal chair. Sitting on a ball instead of a chair holds many benefits to your health that you many not even realize. According to the American Fitness Professionals and Associates, some of the benefits include burning calories, relieving back pain and toning your muscles! 

5. Standing Desk

Another possibility, if your space allows, is a standing desk. If you aren’t able to get one, try to make it work with your surroundings. If there is a high shelf or table near you, rest your computer on it and work standing up. This allows you to stretch your legs and be just as productive, but in a healthier way.

What do you do to stay active at your desk?

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What Pokémon GO Taught Me About Marketing

A few weeks ago, the Pokémon GO app took off and became a worldwide sensation. Our last blog, How To Use Pokémon GO To Market Your Business, talked about marketing tips for businesses in connection with this popular app. After writing the previous blog, I learned three major lessons about the marketing industry.

1. Stay Up To Date

It’s crucial to stay up to date with news and events occurring around you. I remember waking up one day and hearing all about Pokémon GO on the news. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, so researched to learn about this popular app that every person around me seemed to be using. When you stay current with news and popular apps, you are only helping yourself with your marketing. Staying up to date with news and popular apps helps marketing tremendously because it allows you to incorporate trends, viral videos and popular apps into marketing your business.

2. Keep Up With Trends

Keeping up with trends is another key lesson from Pokémon GO. Knowing the latest Facebook updates,  such as Facebook 360 videos and photos, can spark your marketing ideas. Let’s say something exciting happened at your business and you wanted to share it on Facebook as soon as possible. By knowing that Facebook offers features like Facebook 360, you have many options in your head that you can pull out and use. You don’t have time to sit on Google and search for what’s new when you’re rushing to share a story or event in a unique way. Keeping up with trends and updates in the digital world will allow you to use your resources at the drop of a hat.

3. Act Quickly

When Pokémon GO was released, we knew we needed to act quickly. Reporting about this craze allowed us to inform others about it and understand how they can use it to their marketing advantage. When something happens, whether it’s a popular app or an event at your business, act quickly! People want to hear news instantly and share events as soon as they can, not weeks after it has passed. If you wait, you lose credibility. People are note interested in reading about something they experienced weeks ago.

What did Pokémon GO teach you about marketing?