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How the New iPhone 7 Features Will Help Marketers

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iPhone 7

Apple announced an array of new features for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in yesterday’s much tweeted about #AppleEvent. Many of the upgrades will help marketing and advertising professionals better manage administrative tasks, create content and deliver better products. We asked our team to answer how the new features will help or hinder their work. Read on for some of the real benefits we’ll see and the AirPod critiques making us LOL:

iOS 10

iPhone 7

The release date for iOS 10, Apple’s new operating system, is Sept. 13. MacWorld reports the new OS is heavy on 3-D touch for lock and notification changes. It will also enable live updates within the notifications, letting you continue a conversation within banner notifications on the lock screen. Faster, better communication? Yes!

iOS 10’s new Raise to Wake feature makes the iPhone light up and display the lock screen when you lift it up. This is great for quickly checking notifications and faster responses. You’ll be able to swipe right from the right side of the lock screen to quickly access the phone’s camera, perfect for quickly capturing photos for online content.

Siri is (supposedly) smarter and can also send payments and book reservations through third-party apps. You can also delete preinstalled apps, freeing up your phone for what you use more often. (Goodbye, Stocks.)

iMessages, Apple’s most used app, will display emojis three times larger than they are right now. It will also suggest emojis to replace text. (Cue hilarious autocorrects.) This, plus other new visual effects, aren’t super necessary for marketing and advertising professionals, but 😍.

Wi-Fi and Cellular Service

The iPhone 7’s LTE is three times faster than the iPhone 6 for data downloads. The 7 has worldwide roaming and also lets you to answer WhatsApp and third-party calls like a regular call. No matter if your job takes you all over your community, country or world, more reliable and faster service is always welcome.

Better Camera

The iPhone 7 has a f/1.8 lens to let in 50 percent more light than the one on the 6S, and it has a brighter flash. (Learn how this helps in one of our previous blogs) The new image sensor is faster and more efficient. The front-facing camera has seven megapixels and automatic image stabilization. The 7 Plus will have a dual-camera system, which Apple says will allow for digital zoom without a loss of image quality.

Marketing and advertising professionals can create better, higher-quality content on the go with these upgrades. You always have the option to post clear, interesting images to your social media pages if you have your phone with you. The front-facing camera improvement will also give you better clarity on the amount of food in your teeth when prepping for meetings with clients!

Longer-Lasting Battery

More battery power means one less worry and a thousand additional opportunities to catch up on emails or post to social media. More midnight emails without a charge! Your phone won’t die after using it to find a client’s business and also casting your online Prezi project because the client doesn’t have updated technology. We hate low battery and are all for this one!


iPhone 7 AirPods


Apple calls them wireless, effortless and magical. We’re not so sure.

  • “Fingers crossed that these Apple AirPods are actually designed for human ears.”
  • “My ears have always been too small for Apple earbuds. Will they make more accommodating models? I hope third-party headphones catch up fast.”
  • “Spend more money? Lame.”
  • “No more tangles in my headphones – YAY! No more aux cord in the car – BOO.”
  • “I wonder if they built in a feature for Siri to find the AirPods when they inevitability get lost.”
  • “What the hell are Earpods? Is that what they call headphones now? When did that change?”

AirPods are available in late October 2016.

New Colors

iPhone 7 new colors

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will debut jet black and black options.

  • “Can you imagine what they were thinking in a meeting about the new colors? Boss asks unprepared employee, ‘OK, Bob, what do you got for the new colors?’ ‘I was thinking Black.’ (Boss unimpressed) ‘Anddddddd Jet Black.’ Boss: ‘I like it!’”
  • “What the eff is the difference? Most people have covers anyway.”
  • “I will wait as long as it takes to get the jet black phone. Black just won’t cut it.”

Finally, in the words of one of our web developers …

“They don’t affect me. #Android4Lyfe”

Dancing Android mascot
The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are available Sept. 17. Which of the new features are you most looking forward to using? What features seem totally unnecessary to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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