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5 Tips For Writing A Blog

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Writing weekly blogs for Candeo Creative isn’t always easy. Some days topics rush to mind, while other days we hit a roadblock. How do we stay current and keep our blogs fresh? We have a few top secret techniques that we’ll share with you. OK, they’re not top secret, but they are helpful!



Brainstorming sessions are underrated. People often think brainstorming takes too much time and isn’t worth it. Wrong! Brainstorming sessions are crucial to get creativity flowing and help come up with new ideas. Before writing a blog, try a brainstorm with a group or by yourself! Pull out some paper to write down ideas or play a game. There are copious amounts of strategies out there. You just have to pick what works for you or keep alternating between a few.

Google Is Your Friend

Google is a great tool to use to find ideas and spark creativity. Even typing in something as simple as “blog topics” will give you endless amounts of ideas. Try putting together random words to see where Google takes you! Who knows, “dogs wearing funny hats” might give you inspiration for a style blog or marketing campaign.



Inspiration is around – you just have to find it. Step away from your computer and take a short walk. You may come across a quote or image that sparks ideas. Try taking a trip (even if it’s just to the grocery store!), riding your bike, watching the news or reading a new book to help you come up with your next big idea!


What are the latest trends? What is everyone talking about? Figure it out and write a blog about it. Staying current with trends keeps you on pace with your competition at the very least and can even turn YOU into a trendsetter other people will watch. There are a number of sites that send you emails about new trends, such as HubSpot and Social Media Examiner. HubSpot’s marketing blog gives you insights about products, their features and best practices to make digital marketing most effective. Social Media Examiner gives you tips on how to use social media to connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand and increase your sales.



Where does your passion come from? Writing about topics that truly interest you makes the process of finding a topic easier. Write a list of topics that you enjoy learning about, pick one and start researching. If you enjoy dancing, figure a clever way you can incorporate it into a blog topic. For example, we could research the ways companies have used dance to create viral marketing campaigns and write a blog about successful campaigns that use dancers. T-Mobile’s Welcome Back flash mob has more than 15 million views on YouTube!


What tips do you use to write your blogs? We’d love to hear!

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