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What Pokémon GO Taught Me About Marketing

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A few weeks ago, the Pokémon GO app took off and became a worldwide sensation. Our last blog, How To Use Pokémon GO To Market Your Business, talked about marketing tips for businesses in connection with this popular app. After writing the previous blog, I learned three major lessons about the marketing industry.

1. Stay Up To Date

It’s crucial to stay up to date with news and events occurring around you. I remember waking up one day and hearing all about Pokémon GO on the news. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, so researched to learn about this popular app that every person around me seemed to be using. When you stay current with news and popular apps, you are only helping yourself with your marketing. Staying up to date with news and popular apps helps marketing tremendously because it allows you to incorporate trends, viral videos and popular apps into marketing your business.

2. Keep Up With Trends

Keeping up with trends is another key lesson from Pokémon GO. Knowing the latest Facebook updates,  such as Facebook 360 videos and photos, can spark your marketing ideas. Let’s say something exciting happened at your business and you wanted to share it on Facebook as soon as possible. By knowing that Facebook offers features like Facebook 360, you have many options in your head that you can pull out and use. You don’t have time to sit on Google and search for what’s new when you’re rushing to share a story or event in a unique way. Keeping up with trends and updates in the digital world will allow you to use your resources at the drop of a hat.

3. Act Quickly

When Pokémon GO was released, we knew we needed to act quickly. Reporting about this craze allowed us to inform others about it and understand how they can use it to their marketing advantage. When something happens, whether it’s a popular app or an event at your business, act quickly! People want to hear news instantly and share events as soon as they can, not weeks after it has passed. If you wait, you lose credibility. People are note interested in reading about something they experienced weeks ago.

What did Pokémon GO teach you about marketing?

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