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How To Use “Pokémon GO” To Market Your Business

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If you haven’t heard about Pokémon GO, then you’re missing out on a great business opportunity for your company! Pokémon GO is the latest gaming app that has everyone talking! This app turns the real world into a virtual life Pokémon game using your phone’s GPS and camera to make you feel as though you are in the game hunting Pokémon. When you start the game and join a team, you’ll have access to Pokémon Gyms and PokéStops, which are physical locations near you where you can train your characters or catch them. Keep reading to find out how Pokémon GO can help market your business and actions steps you can take to get started:


Embrace it, don’t turn it away

If your business is lucky enough to be a Pokémon Gym or PokeStop, embrace it! What steps can you take? If your company is a PokéStop, don’t turn your distracted gaming customers away, welcome them! These locations were chosen by the game creators as real locations for stops in the game, which gives you free advertising opportunities. It is a great time to make a positive first impression on future customers. This will help build a larger client base with the free advertising you are getting! If your location was not chosen as a PokéStop, that doesn’t mean you can’t join the frenzy.

Greet customers that come into your business with a friendly face and an open door, even if they’re looking down at their phones the whole time. Ask them to submit photos of their Pokémon journey to your business’ social media pages. This will boost your engagement, get more people excited and remind local gamers your location us a stop. Also, by greeting and showing appreciation for their stop, they will want to visit again.


Our client, Caramel Crisp Cafe, is one of the lucky businesses with a PokeStop! They set up a “Pokemon GO” photo contest for customers to win a $25 gift card.

Share your location

When and where should you start? Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to tell people in your location that you are a stop in this popular app! Post statuses or photos on your social networks and invite people to partake in the fun. Create an area for pictures that people can post at your location and share on social media as well to entice people to stop in. By default, this brings more foot traffic and potential customers into your business. Sharing this will only boost business.

Encourage customers who come into your business playing the game to take photos and upload them to your page. Ask them if you can take photos of them as well and use that as your content for your social media pages. Make a photo contest and invite your customers and followers to share their photos with a common hashtag, and randomly pick a winner for a gift card or a free item! You could also request players write down their name and email for a random prize drawing!

Make it work for your business

Make the marketing for this app blend in with your brand. How can you get started? Use this app to make it work for your business and customers. If your business is a coffee shop, you could offer a drink special based on Pokémon. If you’re a marketing agency, create a photo station for people with your name and a Pokémon message. If you’re a restaurant, offer a coupon to players for their next visit. It’s a great time to get creative and increase foot traffic!

Brainstorm with your team members on ideas. If your business is a bar, create a drink special like “The Pika Brew” or a “Gotta Drink ’Em All” special! Make your brand playful by utilizing the Pokémon theme in your marketing. Create simple deals and specials you can promote on your social media channels that will encourage people to stop by. The best way to begin is to identify the culture of your business and go from there.


Have you used “Pokémon GO” to market your business? Tell us about it!

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