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3 TED Talks That Will Inspire Your Marketing

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I have always been a huge fan of TED Talks. The messages are always powerful and inspirational, and leave me feeling determined to reach my goals. Working in the marketing field, I often watch and listen to TED Talks that apply to marketing, advertising and leadership. Here are three of my favorites that will inspire your marketing:

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1. Dan Cobley: What Physics Taught Me About Marketing

How can physics help you learn about marketing? I was skeptical at first, but Cobley showed me otherwise. Right off the bat, he used Newton’s Law, which is force equals mass times acceleration. He related this equation to brands and how the bigger a brand is, the more force is needed to spread a message. I’ve never been a fan of physics, but directly relating it to marketing made me see the connections. Lastly, he said no matter how much you invest in a brand, one bad campaign or one bad week can a ruin years of success. This reminded me how critical marketing is and the importance behind your words, campaigns and marketing strategy.

2. Derek Sivers: How To Start A Movement

My professor showed us Derek Sivers’ video in my senior communication capstone class, and I instantly connected the message to the marketing world. He talks about starting a movement and how it takes courage to stand out. Sivers explains how followers are just as critical as leaders, because they join leaders in their movements. The more followers, the more people join and make a movement more powerful.

How does this apply to marketing? Take a chance! Sometimes, people have ideas that seem out of the ordinary and ridiculous. However, it takes one courageous person with one brilliant idea to promote change. Whether that’s with a marketing campaign or apps (like Snapchat), followers are just as important as leaders. This can also be directly related to social media platforms such as Twitter. The more followers on your account, the more interaction you get and the more people can see and spread your message. In short, leaders are important but never underestimate the power of a follower.

3.  Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership

This talk never fails to inspire me. Dudley starts by asking the audience if they thought they were leaders. After only a number of audience members raised their hands, he stated that no matter what audience he speaks to, there are always people who don’t raise their hands. One reason for this? Many people don’t take credit for being leaders. He shared a story about how he impacted someone’s life by handing them a lollipop, and how that one simple moment changed a life forever.

We have all impacted or been impacted by someone, so why not tell them so they know they’re changed a life and inspired someone? Everyone has the power to be a leader, and Dudley talks about how we need to redefine leadership so people don’t think it’s solely about changing the world, but changing lives. How does this apply to marketing and advertising? Similar to my last blog on kindness, tell people when they’ve inspired you. Also, never underestimate yourself as an inspiring leader.

Which TED Talks inspire you?

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