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Our Golden Birthday: A Special Interview

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There’s a melody in the air, and that melody is the tune of happy birthday! On May 4, Candeo Creative will be turning 4 years old! Zack Pawlosky, president and owner, and Sheng Riechers, director of operations, share memories and aspirations for the future in this special interview!

zack and sheng.jpg

Zack and Sheng at Candeo Creative’s first business expo.

Zack Pawlosky, President

How did Candeo Creative begin?

Candeo Creative started because of the need for a digitally strong agency in Oshkosh and the Fox Valley. I created Candeo Creative as a student and intern at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. The company first started with social media marketing, then grew into an integrated marketing group. The main tactic was identifying the need of helping people, especially with the digital area, and pulling together a group of talented people to meet that need.

How has the company evolved over these 4 years?

The company has evolved tremendously and very quickly. It has not only evolved in being able to meet the client’s needs, but also the needs of the staff.

Why do you love working for Candeo?

I am energized everyday by the people I get to work with, both clients and employees. Early on, it was a risk for clients to go with a young and new group, and that they put a lot of trust into the company. The company’s passion and hard work really show what the agency is made of. Lastly, the positive, sharp and talented individuals are another reason I love this agency.

Where do you hope Candeo goes in the future?

The goals are big for Candeo Creative! I want to become the best in class for this industry and become an international marketing group. I hope to have the poise and power to continue to showcase what the company is made of and continue being unique and creative.

Sheng Riechers, Director of Operations

zack and sheng2.jpg

How did you start working for Candeo Creative?

Zack and I met in college. I was interning at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh career services center, and he was with the integrated marketing communications department. We both collaborated for an event for diverse students, and hit it off from there. After I graduated, my supervisor from career services reached out asking if I wanted to help Zack with his social media marketing company. This is where it all began! After a number of meetings and interviews, I was hired and joined the company as a full-time employee.

How has the company evolved over these four years?

In terms of numbers and growth, our team has sextupoled in size! The company has grown exponentially, and the numbers and types of clients become more diverse on a daily basis. The culture has truly blossomed over these four years.

Why do you love working for Candeo Creative?

The people. Everyone is so different and very close. At this company, life long friendships are always being built, and people who are truly accepting and kind are hired to join our flourishing team.

Where do you hope Candeo Creative goes in the future?

Grow, grow, grow! I hope to continue seeing the company expand and continue taking on like-minded, passionate people. I’m excited about the growth of the clients, the different places the agency is going over the next few years, and the hope of having an international agency in the future.

Look out everyone, Candeo Creative has some big plans ahead!zack and sheng .jpg

We are very excited to be celebrating our Golden Birthday on May 4! If you’d like to join us in the celebration, come to our open house! It’s an open invite and we’d love to see you there! RSVP here.


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