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5 Ways A Multimedia Specialist Finds Inspiration

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Inspiration doesn’t come in one particular way. People find inspiration differently, and that’s the beauty of creativity! Leah Mann, our multimedia specialist, does a variety of different tasks ranging from video, photography, audio recording and animation. Clearly, she is an extremely versatile individual! You may be wondering how she finds inspiration for all of these projects? Keep reading to find out!

leah_boat.jpgPhoto credit: Phil Weston

1. Notes App

One helpful tool Leah uses is the Notes app on her iPhone. This tool allows her to jot down notes whenever she feels inspired or wants to remember a thought for later. She writes notes at work, when she’s out with friends or at a networking event. The notes on her phone hold potential creative ideas for future projects! See the screenshot of one of Leah’s notes below:


2. Music

Music has a way of inspiring people in different ways. For Leah, listening to music helps her get in the zone at work. She shared four songs from different genres that are great for getting her creative juices flowing:

Trees by Twenty One Pilots

Girl Anachronism by Amanda Palmer

Sunday Kind Of Love by Etta James

Run Down by Hillsburn

3. Facebook Group

Most of us are aware of the power of Facebook. It gives one the ability to connect with people from all over the world, learn about different events and much more. Leah created a Facebook group called Fox Valley – Film/Theater/Music Connections where filmmakers, actors, musicians, makeup artists, set designers and scriptwriters can connect in the Fox Valley area. It’s helpful when she is in need of talent or advice for a project.

4. Ukulele

Leah said, “I believe in a world where everyone has a ukulele.” That’s right, Leah also plays the ukulele! This instrument relieves stress when she needs a break from a hectic day or is feeling overwhelmed. She usually practices her ukelele before going to bed, which is a satisfying way to end the day. This musical instrument also motivates her to get out of her comfort zone by playing at open mic nights! Not only does she share her musical talent at these events, she also meets fellow musicians who may become potential talent for a future project.


5. Websites

The internet is a great place to look for inspiration. Different sites offer different information and creative ideas. Here are four websites that inspire Leah:


This is a video sharing platform similar to YouTube, but is a bit more artistic and geared toward videographers. The site offers weekend challenges or video prompts, to anyone who wants to participate. Visit Leah’s Vimeo page and see if any of her favorite videos inspire you!


Moviola offers webinars and training for professional filmmakers. You can buy a membership for more access or enjoy the free videos posted weekly! These training events are incredibly informative and help Leah make better work.


Tumblr helps Leah stay up to date with current internet trends. She also uses it to follow her favorite designers, web comics, fandoms and more.

No Film School

No Film School, no problem! This website is a great resource for Leah to learn about new technology, tools and trends in the film industry.

leah-links (1).jpg

Sometimes it just takes a few unique tools to spark our creativity. Leah found hers. What are yours?

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