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3 Web Development Trends You Need To Know About


The marketing world is always changing with new trends constantly surfacing. Being the communications intern, I am always reading and learning about new social media and marketing trends. Web development is an area of marketing that is also constantly evolving. Our web developer, Sam Oldenburg, explains the top three web development trends he believes are worth knowing about.


1. CSS Pre-Processors

In a nutshell, CSS Pre-Processors are tools used to help implement website designs. As Sam explains, CSS hasn’t evolved significantly over the last 10 years. Having CSS Pre-Processors makes one’s website easier to maintain and allows developers to implement designs faster. For example, Sam explains how, here at Candeo Creative, we use SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) which is basically a shorthanded way to write CSS. SASS allows more CSS writing at a quicker pace.

2. Next Generation Javascript

Many people have heard of Javascript and may have seen it pop up on their computer. Sam explains ES2015 is the newest standard of Javascript being implemented by browsers. As mentioned previously, CSS handles the visual display of a website and Javascript implements the functionality of a website (e.g., opening tabs on a site, hiding or showing additional content). Sam says ES2015 is a new and exciting standard that revolutionizes how Javascript is written by developers. In short, ES2015 allows developers to write simpler code, which results in saved time and increased organization.

3. React

React is a tool developed by Facebook and is the technology that helps power sites like Facebook and Instagram. Sam believes one aspect that makes React notable is that it takes HTML and Javascript and meshes them together. React lays out a website’s structure and provides tools to easily build dynamic web applications. To better understand this tool, Sam used a helpful analogy. Let’s say you are building a house. You can choose to shop at the hardware store for lumber and tools to build your foundation. Or you can buy a prebuilt structure that will make building easier since all of your tools are in one place. The prebuilt structure in this scenario is how React works in simplifying the process of creating dynamic websites.

Sam says the web is constantly evolving and that these three trends have caught on. They all work well together and allow you to build innovative and unique websites in a relatively short amount of time.

Do you need a new website for your organization, or need advice on how to improve it? Contact us today!

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