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What Makes Candeo Creative?

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Before I even began interning with Candeo Creative, the name itself grabbed my attention and sparked my interest. When I first walked into the office, it didn’t take long to realize what made this place so special and creative. I have condensed my thoughts and created a list of the top three reasons I believe Candeo is so unique.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is a top reason for why Candeo is incredibly creative. When I came to the office for my interview, the color purple immediately stood out to me. Purple made me feel ambitious and excited to begin my work as a communication intern. Who would think a color could make you feel so energetic? Another aspect of the atmosphere is the music. Music always inspires me and sparks creativity. Whenever I am writing, music must be playing in the background. What I love about our agency is that we all put songs into a group playlist and play it throughout the day. Something as simple as this is so innovative! We all get to listen to melodies that inspire ourselves and, in turn, inspires us all. Lastly, the gadgets around the office never cease to make me smile and ignite my creative juices. Whether it’s the basketball hoop in the corner of the office or the trinkets on different team members’ desks, the objects simplicity make wonderful additions to this brilliant atmosphere.

Love us

The Team

There’s a common saying that nobody is perfect. Well, in my opinion, the team at Candeo Creative is as close as it gets! To me, the qualities of a “perfect” team include being supportive, encouraging, humorous, energetic and passionate. This team possesses all of these skills and more. From the minute I began working at Candeo, I realized how different everyone was and how incredible ideas are created, just by having imaginative people in the same room! I’ve witnessed these inspiring interactions and ideas over the past few months, and it has inspired me every day.

The Unicorn

The mascot of our marketing agency is a unicorn. Can a mascot be more unique than that? What I love most about the unicorn is that it means different things to each person in the office. To me, it means anything is possible and to never lose your sense of wonder. When I was a kid, I always related the unicorn to magic and imagination. When I saw the unicorn symbol in our agency, those same feelings came rushing back. The unicorn inspires me to create magic with my words and to always seek creativity and imagination wherever I go and with whatever I do.


Do you want to join this creative team and experience everything I’ve written about? We have a few full-time positions available! Learn more here.

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