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How Candeo Gets Their Creative Juices Flowing

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Creativity is undeniably a crucial aspect of the marketing world. It helps us problem solve, think critically and transform ideas. Somedays, creative ideas flow through your mind like a river. Other days, it can feel like pulling teeth trying to come up with a new ingenious idea. How can you get out of that slump and get your creativity flowing again? Look no further! Victoria, Bryan and Gabs share how they get their creative juices flowing.


Victoria’s busy days require constant brain power. Being a graphic designer, much of her day is spent working on various projects and brainstorming. Brainstorming is an important part of her day because it prepares her for the design process. Thinking of new ideas and processes takes creativity, so what happens when Victoria is in a slump?

Getting out of her shell is one of the ways that helps her creative process. Asking other people for their perspectives and ideas is extremely helpful. Many times, she will turn to the design team or other departments to converse and hear different opinions. Another helpful tip is doing research and looking up content that is related to the project. Sometimes, even looking at material that isn’t connected to the topic helps open her mind to different ideas and perspectives she may not have initially thought of. If those techniques don’t work, stepping away from her work for a bit to recharge and wait for that “aha” moment to come is an effective strategy. These different techniques help Victoria get her creative juices flowing while constantly filling her mind with fresh ideas.



Bryan, another one of Candeo Creative’s graphic designers, gets to work every day around 7:50 a.m. He opens his Monster energy drink and gets down to business. He starts his day by checking his email and list of projects he has to work on. He also spends much of his day brainstorming various ideas for projects. While he is working, he listens to YouTube tutorials on graphic design to always keep his brain in motion. So, what does Bryan do when he is feeling creatively stumped?

Bryan sees the positive in creative mind blocks. One technique is looking for new ideas and forcing himself to learn. Though being in a creative slump can be frustrating, he finds it exciting being able to learn new designs or information. Looking at inspirational websites and trying new  approaches helps get his mind flowing. He also plays around with projects and moves material around until he is fully satisfied with how it looks. Bryan says that “the unexpected” makes learning fun for him. An example of this is when he accidentally found a solution that he didn’t expect to find just by doing some additional research. Who says getting your creative juices flowing wasn’t a fun process?


Gabrielle (Gabs)

A day in the life of Senior Creative Strategist, Gabs, is a busy one, especially since each day is vastly different. Although her main responsibilities are strategy and research work, she is heavily involved in the creative process. Research can range from observational work, creating and distributing surveys, conducting focus groups and collecting and analyzing data from their research platform. She also creates media plans, attends vendor meetings and purchases advertising space for their clients.

Another part of her day is spent promoting and targeting Facebook posts for her clients’ social media channels. Gabs and her team aid in guiding creative meetings because they have a lot of background and branding information on their clients from their research and analysis. Clearly, her job takes creativity. How does she keep her gears turning?

When it comes to creativity, Gabs believes you can never turn that part of your brain off. She gets inspired anywhere and everywhere she goes. If she is at a restaurant, she will think of certain clients and develop new ideas simply by observing her surroundings. If she is driving somewhere and sees a billboard, she will be inspired. Gabs gets 80 percent of her ideas and inspiration when she’s outside of the office and making connections. She says it’s about keeping your eyes and ears open for creative opportunities. Reading articles and doing research also helps develop new and different ways of thinking. Pre-strategizing and brainstorming outside of the office allows her to bring fresh and innovative ideas to her team and clients.

Do you struggle to think of creating marketing ideas? Whether it’s social media, a new website design or anything in between, Candeo Creative is here to help! Contact us today!



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