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Managing Time Efficiently At Work

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Time is a precious element, and our lives revolve around it. Everyone manages time differently at work, even when we have the same deadlines. How do you manage your time at work? Our team members Felicia, Jamie and Christiana share their time management tips.


Senior communication specialist Felicia has a plethora of projects to complete each day, including writing and editing content for marketing pieces (print and digital), public relations, social media management, etc. Is there enough time in the day to complete all of these projects? The answer is yes, thanks to effective time management.

What helps Felicia manage her time? Lists and organization. Working under the pressure of deadlines helps her complete tasks in a timely manner. She also makes lists within lists, and often puts post-it notes of her daily duties on top of her weekly lists. This method helps her stay organized and keep up with her deadlines. Often, she alphabetizes her lists and puts boxes around certain items to organize priority tasks. These methods help her complete tasks in a timely manner.



Jamie has many large projects to complete throughout the day. Being the art director, a good portion of her day is spent checking up on proofs from the designers and organizing emails. She works on organizational tasks alongside her leadership team, designs projects and coaches her design team. She does a lot of “floating” around the office, assisting wherever help is needed. This sounds like a lot, so how does she do it all?

To manage her busy schedule efficiently, Jamie has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve. To start, every Monday she reviews what is on her plate in terms of her own projects and designers’ projects. This helps her mentally prepare for the week so she can plan out what days are busiest and where she will have the most time to work on various tasks. Another trick she uses is observing her productivity patterns to see when she is most productive, which is the morning for Jamie. This is when she catches up on proofs, emails, trello and other tasks. Later in the afternoon, she begins to work on bigger design projects.

Jamie gets energized off of other people, so walking around and talking to her team members as well as listening to music helps her focus. Every week, she is always aware of what she has to do, projects that are on deck, and meetings she has to attend. These techniques help make her hectic days more manageable and enjoyable.



My internship at Candeo Creative has not only taught me a great deal about the communication world, but also how to effectively manage time. In addition to my various projects, I take classes at the university and tackle homework on a daily basis. This busy schedule forces me to practice time management skills.

I have two simple techniques that I have found extremely useful in managing my time: making lists and setting goals. I start by writing down a to-do list of everything I need to get completed. Then, I make another list and organize the tasks in order of due dates and importance. I have lists for school, my internship and personal life. I also set goals and reward myself for reaching them. This allows me to physically see everything I have to accomplish, and it makes me motivated! Also, who doesn’t love the feeling of crossing items off a checklist and reaching goals? It’s a win-win situation!

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to market your business or organization? Don’t worry, we can help! Contact us today!



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