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5 Common Myths Of A Graphic Designer



Many myths surround the world of marketing, especially in graphic design. It is time to debunk these myths once and for all. What better way than to talk to one of Candeo Creative’s very own graphic designers, Kayla Pulvermacher?  

Myth 1: People believe there is a “magic” photoshop button

“Can you just clean up the poor lighting in this photo?” “You can just click a button and it will do that for you, right?” Wrong. Many people believe there is a “magic” Photoshop button that will ultimately take care of any flaws in a design. In reality, it takes much more than that. Depending on how extreme the project is, editing a photo can take hours with multiple photo editing techniques being used. The buttons in photoshop are used but, unfortunately, no “magic” button exists to edit it all in one click.


Myth 2: Graphic design is completely digital

Let’s face it, the world is ever changing and becoming more and more digitized as each day passes. If you do so much as blink, you may miss a new technological advance or invention. With this being said, a common misconception is graphic design is completely digitally based. Many designs begin with basic art techniques, such as a drawing or a sketch, that are done by hand. Graphic designers often integrate “offline” and digital elements into their process. Many times the best graphic design starts with a simple sketch on a piece of paper.


Myth 3: Only one person decides what the product will look like

There is no “I” in team, right? Although there is an “I” in graphic design, it still takes teamwork to reach the goal of a project. Many people believe it’s either the client or the designer who decides what the end result will look like. Collaboration and teamwork are key to driving the best results. Both sides have to be willing to compromise and work together. The client and the designer both bring different elements of expertise to the table. Collaboration is the most effective way to reach the desired result.

Myth 4: Graphic Design is easy and anyone can do it

It is a common misconception that graphic design work is easy, even if you never went to school for it. Graphic design requires specific skill sets and knowledge in various areas that you study and learn in school. School also provides you with more experience in the field, whether that be through internships or through practice in classes. There are specific rules with graphic design that you can only bend and break if you know them well. To put it simply, it’s not an easy job anyone can do.

Myth 5: Graphic designers are mind readers

Graphic designers are mind readers. They know your vision on a project even if you don’t say it.” As incredible as that would be, unfortunately, it’s far from true. Whenever a client meets with a graphic designer, communication is key. If a client doesn’t communicate what they want or shares vague details about his or her vision, the graphic designer will try to create that vision themselves. This could result in a negative outcome for both the client and the designer. It is important for the clients to share specific examples of what they want, including emotions, styles or general concepts. Remember, graphic designers are not able to read your mind, but they are able to make your vision into a reality with the proper amount of communication, direction and collaboration.



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