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Why Candeo Creative Chose WordPress and WPEngine

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At Candeo Creative we strive to build strong relationships with our clients, and we do this by earning their trust by giving them impartial advice. We help in many ways, from advising on the right marketing medium for their brand to choosing the right tools to help implement their marketing strategy. Hosting and website content management systems (CMS) are two areas our clients rely on our experience and expertise. It’s a conversation that will never go away and will probably be discussed in the early kickoff meetings with any company you choose.

When it comes to the CMS there are two approaches, open source and proprietary software. I’m not going to rewrite what has been written many times (because who has time for that?), but I will share a very useful article that goes into the pros and cons of both: Open Source vs Proprietary CMS.

Flexibility is always at the center of Candeo Creative’s thought process, so if you managed to read the recommended article above, you will have a better understanding of why our company chose open source software for our CMS.

Due to the rapid advancements in recent years, and the huge community behind WordPress, we usually choose to use it when developing a new website. If our client has specific requirements and WordPress is not a good fit, a custom solution will be used, but 80% percent of the time, we use WordPress.

Openness is another key characteristic of Candeo Creative’s website development process. We will be the first to admit that we’ve had our ups and downs when it comes to hosting WordPress websites but, as with any open source solution, the stability of it will come from staying on top of the upgrades and maintenance for the two major parts involved:

1. The Server (Hosting Environment)
Everyone understands vehicle maintenance. A car or truck is as safe as the time and money you spend maintaining it. If you have bald tires you will end up in the ditch; no engine oil and you will end up pushing it home. You will also get to a point with your vehicle where maintenance isn’t enough and you have to replace it. A server is no different, it doesn’t have wheels or engine oil, but it does have things that need to be replaced and upgraded on a regular basis. If a dedicated server is being used, it will have to be replaced every five years on average.

2. An Updated CMS
Staying with the vehicle analogy, a car is exposed to outside elements, such as rain and snow. I’ve seen many vehicles where rust has taken over and breaking into the car would be as simple as poking it with a stick, leaving a vehicle unlocked is as silly as having a password set as 123456 or “password.” Web-based software is no different. Keeping up-to-date with security patches, upgrading the software when released and using a strong password is like keeping on top of the bodywork for your car and locking your doors.

You may also be the best driver in town, but another vehicle crashing into you is unpredictable. A malicious attack of fake traffic to your website is like a road traffic accident – it happens. Quick reactions and doing everything you can to minimize the effects is the only option.

It was my mission to find a solution to these two major issues; I was very relieved and excited when I didn’t have to look far. WPEngine answers all of our WordPress website hosting questions in great detail, proving itself a worthy choice for Candeo Creative and our clients.

The Server WPEngine Infrastructure
The SoftwareSecure WordPress Hosting


The extra investment into WPEngine has not only given us access to their top class infrastructure and outstanding support, but it’s given back the time and money we used to spend managing our own dedicated environment. Are you interested in learning more about our web services? Contact us.

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