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Work Resolutions For 2016

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I imagine you made some kind of new year’s resolution last week regarding eating better, exercising more or saving money, but do not overlook the benefit of making resolutions for work as well.

Even the smallest improvement at your job can foster better relationships, work ethic and that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. I’ve drawn up a very simple and achievable list of work resolutions that I think we’d all benefit from!

Stop Saying, “I Assumed …”


One of my worst habits at work is responding to questions with something like, “Oh, I assumed so-and-so had taken care of that.” While I don’t mean to have ill intentions when I say this, it comes off as passive aggressively playing the blame game.

Instead I should be proactive and help the work flow move along smoothly. If “so-and-so” didn’t take care of it, then perhaps that is a sign I should have been checking in more instead of “assuming” they knew what they were supposed to do.

Saying, “I assumed” is pretty much the same as saying, “I didn’t bother to ask,” and that is, in essence, a communication failure. Communicate effectively this year and remove, “I assumed,” from your vocabulary!

Identify Your Weaknesses


In this article, Justin Bariso asks, “what is your greatest weakness?” Taking time to think about where you could use some self-improvement takes awareness, courage, and insight, which are valuable qualities in the workplace. Plus, you’ll be taking steps to become a better employee, which has its own rewards.

Bariso suggests critically thinking about the following questions:

  • “What major troubles have I had in the past – both when I was younger and more recently? Which of my actions contributed to those troubles?
  • What situations make me uncomfortable? Why?
  • When people give me criticism, what are the common themes?”

Make a list of one or two weaknesses that are holding you back at your job. Then brainstorm the steps you can take to combat or overcome them this year.

Invest In Yourself


Your skills are your most valuable commodity, and if you aren’t cultivating your skill set, then you aren’t cultivating your career. Make time this year to invest in yourself by attending seminars and conferences. Pick up a new marketing book or watch some online tutorials. Set small achievable goals for yourself, and then share what you’ve learned with your coworkers. Your self-driven work ethic will make your job easier and give your colleagues a reason to keep you around.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” – Henry Ford.

Best of luck with your resolutions and have a happy 2016!

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Author: leahmann

Multimedia Specialist at Candeo Creative.

One thought on “Work Resolutions For 2016

  1. Excellently thought out and communicated Leah

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