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How To Use Marketing Automation Tools To Look Like A Marketing Genius

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Have you ever received an email after visiting a page, downloading a document or filling out a form on a website? Most likely the email was sent using marketing automation software.

Marketing automation is a buzzword in the marketing industry. According to SearchCRM, marketing automation is the use of software to automate marketing processes. The use of marketing automation makes processes that would have otherwise been performed manually more efficient and makes new processes possible.

Many large companies use marketing automation to help capture and nurture leads through the sales process. Believe it or not, it is now easier than ever for any type of business, no matter how small, to implement marketing automation.

All of this talk about sending emails automatically can be confusing. It sounds like marketing robots of the future. Marketing automation takes time to plan and write messages so the automated tasks are relevant. The software (robots) helps perform what you created.

How It Works

A visitor on a website completes an action that sets off a series of events. The action, or trigger, could be filling out a form, downloading a document, visiting a certain page or abandoning a shopping cart.

The trigger sets off a series of carefully timed out events, like a set of dominos tipping over. Once an event is completed or sent, the next one in line gets ready to send (or tip if we’re talking dominos). Often the events are emails sent out to the visitor to nurture them along the sales process or to get them to take another action.


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Some examples of emails could be “thank you” letters, exclusive discounts or holiday greetings for when a visitor fills out a form or downloads a document on your website. A thank you email lets the visitor know you got his or her request. Another email example is a reminder email. This type of email is great for when a visitor fills up an online shopping cart but doesn’t purchase. You may have received a reminder email like this before. You can also set up marketing automation to share a monthly coupon with customers.

A Word Of Caution

If marketing automation is done incorrectly, it can be seen as spammy, canned or irrelevant. Make sure to make each marketing automation event meaningful and personalized to avoid looking like a mindless marketing robot. Don’t get too carried away without properly planning out your workflows.

No Junk Mail

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Planning for marketing automation

The first step to planning out a workflow is to think about your triggers. What things could people do on your website to set off a series of events? Plan what emails you would like to send and when they should be sent. I find it helpful to draw out the events I want to happen after each trigger using arrows to help me visualize how the workflow will happen.

Today, it is easier than ever to stay in contact with people through technology. It is important to use technologies in the right way to look like a marketing genius.

Are you ready to implement marketing automation for your business? Please contact us, we can help!

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