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Before I was exposed to the vast world of marketing and advertising, playing music was easily one of the most important aspects of my life. It has given me so much; it deserves an endless amount of recognition and respect. Too many times artists take it for granted and fail to remember having the talent to create a song is a gift many would kill to have.

My guitar has always been my greatest stress reliever, and I recently found myself making the connection between music and marketing and how both have helped me find my true passions in life. Although they are two completely different subjects, I have identified a few similarities.

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1. Building and maintaining relationships is the key to success regardless of the industry. Since I started playing shows and gigs throughout the area, I realized instantly that being humble and friendly goes a very long way. Getting a big head is one of the biggest mistakes a musician can make, and I pride myself on never letting this happen.

We have to appreciate businesses who give us an opportunity, most of the time based on word of mouth, to assist their customers. Clients put their full trust in us to engage their customers and make them want to come back based off of our performance. That being said, fostering relationships is just as important in the workforce, especially when it comes to marketing agencies, the vendors they work with and their clients.

2. Professionalism is a trait that must be exerted to the highest degree in both the advertising industry, as well as the music world. Obviously, meeting clients’ needs in every way possible is the number one goal for any marketing agency. Clear communication, understanding your audience and being able to deliver a valuable message are all aspects of a successful firm.

The same principles apply to entertaining a crowd with music. Being able to understand what people want to hear, especially here in the Fox Valley, is essential in retaining customers of the establishment I’m playing at. Everyone has a unique taste in music and being able cater to each and every one of them is virtually impossible. That being said, it’s all about finding a happy medium that everyone is comfortable and entertained with.

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3. There is no limitation on how creative I can be in my positions as a creative strategist and musician. The culture we have here at Candeo Creative is one that focuses on the freedom of the individual. None of us are limited in terms of what our minds are capable of creating. The same idea applies with music and what it takes to create a song. When I’m at home with my guitar, I am free to express whatever I am feeling at that exact moment through strings, chords and lyrics. Obviously, not every song I write is going to be great, because if that were the case, I would be a star and be singing to thousands of screaming fans. Every musician has the same goal–finding their voice and their own particular style.   

Everyone has the opportunity to choose what path they take in life, regardless of where it takes us. I believe we as individuals have the power to choose and pursue our own destiny. At first, music was everything to me. I wanted a life filled with instruments, packed venues and long nights driving stateside to a new city.

A few years ago I was introduced to marketing and advertising and everything changed. I now have the privilege of going to a job that I love every day, and then get to come home to my studio where I am limitless in terms of what I can create. Life is all about being innovative, as well as creative, and I have the freedom to do both.

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