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When it comes to design, there are about a million (and one) factors to consider, including imagery, color usage, typography, kerning, spacing, balance, hierarchy and the list goes on. However, what is it that you remember about a design? Is it the asymmetrical balance? Consistent spacing? The exact shade of blue that was chosen?

As with all good marketing and design, these details are important, but they are not why you fall in love with the pieces. Great design forces you to feel a certain way vis-à-vis the technicalities. It’s a psychology of sorts that convinces you what it’s advocating for is worthwhile.

Below are a couple examples of marketing campaigns that use design to create a memorable feeling that stays with you long after you’ve clicked away.

Always #LikeAGirl Campaign

When you watch this video, you get the feeling the #LikeAGirl campaign isn’t selling Always products; it’s selling a defiant stance against female stereotypes. By capturing candid looks and non-scripted answers to questions, the video in its entirety feels genuine.

Design-wise, a serious tone was created with an empty stage, dark backdrop and slow music that tugs on your heartstrings. It makes the beginning of the video when the older kids are giggling as they act out scenarios “like a girl” seem out-of-place and almost uncomfortable. After watching this video the first time, I felt so strongly that I actually visited the website listed to see if there were any simple ways I could change this perception.

IKEA Bookbook

At first glance, it seems completely laughable to put something so seemingly out-of-date, like a paper catalog, in the same setting as the latest technology. Through design, that is exactly what IKEA does in its “BookBook” commercial. The simplistic white background and the positioning and movement of the catalog immediately let the viewer in on the joke. However, by the end of the video, I wanted to pick up a Bookbook.

Somewhere along the way, I began to feel nostalgic about the days when everything wasn’t digital. In a fun, light-hearted way, IKEA takes something as simple as a paper catalog and shows it in the same light as Apple would with its newest technological feats. Suddenly, a catalog doesn’t seem so prehistoric, and our obsession for technology seems silly. Plus, you know it must be a pretty great catalog – just look at the wonderment in Jörgen’s eyes!

IKEA BookBook Jörgen

The basic jist of this blog is this: design for feeling. Good marketing design follows the rules, but brilliant design stirs a desire in the audience to advocate alongside your company.

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