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Creativity In A Box

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Creativity for graphic designers is important. Duh. What may be overlooked; however, is how your surroundings directly affect your creativity. Before my current position as a graphic designer at Candeo Creative, I was a graphic design intern at the corporate headquarters of an insurance company. It was a great opportunity, and I learned a lot in my time there. That being said, the stereotypical corporate setting does not do much to get the “creative juices” flowing. Dan Martell had an interesting blog on this subject.

Creativity in a cubicle

Like most offices, employees were in separate cubicles under ceilings with fluorescent lights. They were nice new cubicles, but it was still evident you were in an office building. As a pretty loose and laid back person, those factors, plus a business casual dress code, made me feel cramped and stuffy.

Bryan blog1

Tucked in shirts pulling at you when you moved. Ties getting in the way of just about everything. Alright, I admit we didn’t always need to wear ties, but it definitely caused some creative block.

This is not to say all companies should encourage torn jeans and mood lighting. Too loose of an environment can be taken advantage of. Keeping a professional appearance can also be crucial for attracting and keeping clients, but it is hard to think outside the box when you are literally in one.

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