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Marketing And Communication Through The Lens Of The Internet

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It’s evident the Internet has impacted the way we converse personally and professionally. The Internet is a resource that has allowed people to transition from content consumers to content producers and consumers. Today, you can easily look up a recipe or compose a tweet using your smartphone. Think of how many online ads you see daily. As a result of the Internet, businesses are investing in relationship marketing. The Internet has transformed the communication industry into the integrated marketing and communication (IMC) industry. To put it simply, things have changed.

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Image from Native Communication

The Internet’s impact on old mediums

Let’s review communication before the Internet. At one point in time, people relied on door-to-door marketing to sell their product or service. But then came the newspaper, the radio and the TV, which are all communication mediums that made it easier for businesses to reach target audiences.

Although some argue the newspaper is coming to an end, I like to think the Internet has made the newspaper even more available. You can access newspapers, radio broadcasts and TV shows simultaneously using the Internet. If you think about it, the Internet is all the old mediums wrapped in one. It’s informative like newspaper, provides audio like radio and is visual like TV.

Modern Communication

The primary goal in IMC is to establish relationships with consumers, and the Internet allows businesses to easily reach target audiences. For example, we share a lot about ourselves on social media. Besides sharing our latest selfie, we share the type of musicians, foods and products we like. This is all marketable information businesses rely on to create compelling copy and visuals to convince consumers to invest in their product or service.

Image from Kendal at Home

Image from Kendal at Home

The next time you’re on your favorite social network, look for a sponsored ad. Trust me, you won’t have to scroll too long before you see one. The ad will likely relate to your interests, or you may see an ad from the recent Facebook page you liked. Nevertheless, we’re experiencing the revolution of marketing and communication through the Internet. I can’t image what the future holds for the Internet, but I’m excited to be a part of this savvy journey.

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  1. The
    has fast become an effective marketing tool, the best thing is we have all these portable gadgets that support the internet so we can use the internet anywhere anytime, the internet is the best form of communication these days and it works even better for businesses …it’s the best marketing tool because more and more people are using the internet for information, find businesses, read newspaper and even watch television….the internet is a powerful tool.

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