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How To Make Your Business A Social Media All-Star

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Social media has grown at an almost unbelievable rate during its brief lifetime. It seems there is a new social media platform being created daily. Some businesses fail to realize the power that sites like Facebook and Twitter have. Do you want your business to be a social media all-star? Check out these tips:

Selecting channels

Figure out which channels will suit your brand best. Does your company do work that’s visually appealing? Consider using Facebook and Instagram. Does your company put out content daily? Twitter might be the best option. Trying emerging social media channels allows for brands to gain popularity early on if it can learn what kind of content to use and the best way to utilize it.


The Internet is filled with blogs. Tumblr alone has more than 245 million blogs. User-generated content has become popular as the Internet has evolved. When businesses write blogs about industry related topics, they are seen as thought leaders and more credible. Brands should share their blog content on social media. You no longer have to wait for people to visit your site. You can put the content in front of people.

Content should also be engaging. Consumers don’t just want to see your daily specials or featured products. Instead of highlighting products, find relevant trends or topics to talk about. Find clever ways to say something that might not be so exciting. There are thousands of random holidays you can capitalize on. For example July 24 is National Drive-Thru day. If your business has a drive-thru, feature it in a fun and engaging way.

Content can also act as free public relations. If a follower didn’t watch the news or read the paper, they can still see events that your company put on or sponsored.

Community management

Social media allows companies to become more human. When a customer has a question, concern or compliment, you can be there as a brand to give them the right answer. Companies can also take control of potentially volatile situations. A customer takes to social media after slipping and falling in your store. You can respond immediately to them, and everyone else will see, too.

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Defined voice

The voice of a brand on the Internet is like its personality in real life. If a brand comes off as friendly, helpful and open, people will be more likely to trust your brand, giving you something that a newspaper ad or billboard can’t – a voice. Is your brand sassy, quirky and edgy? Or professional, clean and straightforward? Finding a brand’s voice can help with content ideas and get the right audience to read it.

Target audience

Everyone is on social media. If your business isn’t, get with the program. Facebook alone can target more than 1 billion people! It’s almost scary how specific Facebook can target. You can target using almost anything, including interests, behaviors, and much, much more. Writing great content is only effective if it is seen by the right people.

Creative Reign

Anyone can get on social media and post something, but the presentation and messaging need a creative touch to engage others, especially for businesses because of Facebook’s latest algorithm change. Make sure you have a right-brained person handling social media. Give them creative reign on content and your following will grow, guaranteed.

What are some of your favorite brands on social media and why? Tweet and let me know at @zakt3!

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