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Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Community Management

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the online community manager

Source: Boston Media Domain

Most business owners have broken down and created social media pages as a marketing tool for their company. In today’s digital world, it is incredibly unwise NOT to have one.

While having a Facebook and Twitter for your business is wise, most companies don’t understand how to properly use them from a business/marketing standpoint. Just a few of the powerful impacts social media offers to a business include the ability to promote/boost certain posts to specific groups of people; posting daily specials, products and/or services and, most importantly, community management.

Community management is when an individual, typically referred to as a community manager, keeps watch over social media pages and responds to customers’ questions, concerns, reviews, comments, etc. They are responsible for building, growing and managing a particular business brand.

Check out a few key roles community managers should perform every day:

  • Answer customers questions or concerns
  • Share resources a customer requests
  • Help customers feel special and part of the brand community
  • Respond professionally to customer feedback (both negative and positive)
  • Properly execute the voice, manner, tone and customer service of the brand
hubspot community management statistic

Source: HubSpot

Community managers have the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive with a timely, professional and caring response to a frustrated customer. These quick, kind responses can persuade any customer to learn to trust a brand again.

Writing simple apologies and promising to correct an error to offer a better experience in the future can change a customer’s mind almost immediately. I know that it works because it has been my personal experience, too, when I write a negative review or comment on a business’ Facebook page. Just recognizing that I exist and that I am being taken seriously is all most customers need to feel better about a brand.

Community managers are the company glue, keeping a business and their customers on the same page and ensuring that customers know they are a top priority whether they’ve visited a business’ location once, several times or never at all.

Remember, social media is NOT just a tool to share contact information and specials or discounts. Social media, along with proper community management, can be used as a very powerful tool to reel in a new customer, sustain an existing customer or damper a negative situation and turn it into a positive.

Author: Felicia Clark

I am a writer, reader, dancer, editor and crafter. Visit me at

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