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Why Working Out Makes Me A Better Worker

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be happy

Being Happy

According to WebMD, when we exercise our brains release endorphins which reduce our perception of pain and make us feel good. Exercising regularly allows us to feel these endorphins more often and, over time, gives us a more positive outlook on life. Exercise can help relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression. It is also a great way to blow off steam after a rough day at work. After working out I find that I’m considerably happier, and it shows at the workplace. When I’m happy, my coworkers are happy; and when a business is happy, their customers are happy.


joggingI function best when I have a regular routine. I prefer going to the gym right after work. I’ve noticed that if I just go home after work, I veg out and watch Netflix and before I know it,  it’s bed time. Working out helps me to prioritize my time instead of wasting it. It forces me to plan my personal errands ahead of time instead of telling myself “I can just take care of it tomorrow.” This schedule leaves me more productive and helps me worry less. Whether you are a morning work-out person or an evening work-out person, I assure you that habitual working out will get the rest of your schedule in line as well.


There’s nothing like trying to be a leader and simultaneously feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. When it’s hard to button your pants in the morning, it puts you in a bad place for the rest of the day. Working out not only helps me maintain my weight, but it also makes me feel better in general. When I’m comfortable in my body I become more positive, self aware and confident.

Restful Sleep

When I’m stressed, the first thing to suffer is my sleep. When I work out I find that I fall asleep faster and wake up less during the night. Since I spend the majority of my day sitting at a desk, I tend to get tired easily, especially after lunch. And when I’m not tired, I am antsy and struggling to sit still. Working out gives my body an opportunity to release bottled up energy so that when I get home I can truly relax, sleep well and be alert the next day.

english bulldog sleep

Now I know what you’re thinking: “But Leah … I don’t want to, I don’t have time, I don’t like exercising.” Well, you’ve read this far so I’ll give you some advice:

  1. Get workout clothes
    Go ahead and splurge a little. Invest in decent tennis shoes, sports bras and outfits. Workout clothes seem like a small part of the puzzle, but I guarantee it will make the experience better.
  1. Listen to music
    Music pumps me up and distracts me from the effort I’m exerting. If you’re looking for some new workout tunes, follow my workout playlist on Spotify.
  1. Give it time
    You won’t reap all the benefits of working out right away, especially not if you give up! Start with something realistic, maybe a 20-minute walk or bike ride three times a week. Intensify the activity over time. After a couple of months, you’ll be a happy, organized, confident and well-rested employee. Now just keep doing it!

leah's workout playlist

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