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Coloring For Grown Ups

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Coloring isn’t just for kids. Yes, you heard me right! Coloring and drawing in general can be a good stress reliever as well as just being a fun activity. The act of coloring stimulates the areas of the brain related to motor skills, the senses and creativity.

Coloring can help us relax.

Some therapists recommend coloring/drawing for adults as a relaxation technique. If that isn’t an excuse to grab some markers or pencils, I don’t know what is! You can use it as a way to express your mood or feelings, which will affect the colors you choose or the images you draw. If you’re trying to get out of a bad mood or a rut, choose brighter colors and focus on images that make you feel happy and, in return, you just might feel … HAPPY!

blue coloring markers

It takes us back to our childhood.

Who didn’t love coloring as a child? Back then we had no worries and not many responsibilities, which definitely meant less stress. We got to focus a lot more on using our imagination and being creative in a non-judgmental way, instead of our worries in life. As a child it was vital to do activities that promoted hand-eye coordination, so why let them go in adulthood?

advanced coloring book

The goods.

Publishers have been releasing coloring books specifically for the more advanced colorers and adults. These books include images of mandalas (circular designs with concentric shapes), geometric patterns, free-hand designs, illustrations, florals and landscapes. The coloring books are presented in what artists call “line art”: as simple black outlines, allowing for the shapes to be colored in. Experiment with layering colors, using different shades of colors and you will begin to notice how they interact with each other in a pleasing or non-pleasing way. On another note – check out this article written about Johanna Basford’s hand-drawn coloring book, “Secret Garden” (I have linked above ‘florals’ to Amazon where you can buy it).

Overall it doesn’t matter what you draw or color. It can be from your child’s coloring book, one made for adults, a drawing you made yourself or an image you printed from the internet. You can use felt tip markers, copic markers, crayons, colored pencils or watercolors. The possibilities are endless! Use coloring as a way to reconnect with your inner child, a way to let go of your inhibitions and you will reap the benefits of expressing yourself.

So put down the technology for a half hour or more, pick up a coloring book and get your color on!

Author: kaylacoates

Candeo Creative Graphic Design Intern

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