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School’s NOT Out Forever

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So, you finally graduated high school and college. What a relief to know that you will never have to read another textbook, listen to another lecture, write another essay or cite another source! While that may be true, don’t think you can remain successful without keeping your brain sharp. Yes, this may mean taking a continuing education course or join a networking group or event. Don’t view these opportunities as unpleasant as a college course. They can enhance your skills and knowledge in your field, even if you don’t think you need a refresher.

At a marketing agency like ours, it’s even more necessary to attend as many networking events and continuing education classes as possible to keep up with the ever-evolving rules of marketing and technology. Imagine if you’d learned how to type 90 words per minute in elementary school, but never had to type again. How long would it take for you to lose that skill? Probably not very long. As an adult, you’re more prone to lose your sharpness faster. The older you get, the less you’re apt to remember how to hop back on that bicycle and keep upright.

While the four years of high school and additional years of college can seem like a lifetime, they are really just a small moment of your life. Keep in mind that by the time you’ve finished paying off your student loans, your education could already be leaving you.

What are some of the simple ways you can keep your brain sharp?

Read a book. No, not a textbook; try a non-fiction book about your field. Make sure it’s been recently published and relevant to your interests. You may find yourself re-inspired to grow in your position, or you may learn new aspects of your job or company.

UnMarketing Book

Take a class. These can be online or on a technical college campus. If you’re fortunate, you may even have a boss who will offer to help pay for your education. The classes are typically for a shorter duration than a typical school semester. It’s to your advantage to try taking at least one per year. It is worth taking, even if the class doesn’t focus on your field but on your personal future instead (e.g., finances, management, etc.). Bettering yourself can also help benefit your role at the company. It shows that you are a responsible, intelligent individual who makes healthy choices for themselves and will, therefore, be viewed as a long-term investment for a healthier company.

Get outside. Avoid finding more reasons to sit inside and play games to keep your mind sharp. Go outside instead! Do what physical activity makes you happiest, whether it’s gardening, walking, running, dancing, etc. Stay outside as much as possible and visit a park, or take a stroll downtown and window browse. In the bitter cold of winter, you can still get plenty of exercise by joining a gym, going skiing or ice skating.


Be social. Learn from others around you. Become a social butterfly in the office (at appropriate times, of course) to understand how each department works. This will give you a better perspective of how the entire office works as a whole. It will also help you increase positive co-worker relationships and train your brain to stay astute.

handshake networking

Join a networking group. There are an endless amount of business-related networking groups to join. These are a great way to meet new people in other businesses and stay ahead of the game in the office. Just a few popular options in the area include:

How will you keep your brain sharp and advance your career?

Author: Felicia Clark

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