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The Irony Of Hipster Logos Becoming Mainstream

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There has already been a lot written on the interwebs about the current trend of hipster logos. Chances are if you don’t know what I’m referring to, you have seen some without realizing it. What is a hipster? Most envision a bearded 20-something with false prescription glasses, a scarf, and gauged ears sipping a cafe latte. So, what is a hipster logo? Here are a few examples.

Common traits of these hipster logos are a vintage look; crossing diagonal lines with letters, numbers or graphical elements in the gaps; flat imagery with things like antlers, anchors or mustaches; and distressed “stamp” shapes done in all black. These logos also often include ribbons or years when the brand was established, manufactured or trademarked.

There is a reason why these have become popular  over the last 5-10 years. First, they are simple and clean. Everything is well balanced and nice to look at. They also look great over the top of nature photography like mountains, forests and  sunsets.

However, a problem with these logos is that they are easily replicable and struggle to stand out from one another unless they are very clever or unique. Considering branding is all about separating yourself from your competitors, using this design style may not be the way to go .

It will be interesting to see how these logos stand the test of time. Will they show their age in the coming years, similarly to the way you can identify logos created in the 1980s and1990s, or will their simplicity and balanced structure make them timeless?

Here is a fun website that helps you make your own hipster logo. You’ve probably never heard of it. Best of luck in the Futura!

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