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Capitalize On Your Competition

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There is nothing more glorifying to a brand than when the competition makes you look good. This usually happens when your competition does something stupid, unethical  or makes an unprofessional mistake. The beauty of living in the digital era is that we can now capitalize on these errors and the world will know.

iggy azalea text messageYou may have heard of the rather “fancy” Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea. Her recent frustration with Papa John’s is a great example of a brand slipping up. She received much more than a pizza with her delivery order, including texts and calls from fans when the delivery driver gave out her number to a family member. Thanks to the power of social media, the world heard all about it via Twitter.

What does this mishap give to Papa John’s competition? An opportunity to capitalize! DiGiorno Pizza jumped on that right away by tweeting to the pop star, “@IGGYAZALEA delivery. Smh.” So while Papa John’s is begging for forgiveness, DiGiorno’s simply shakes their head (smh) at their pizza delivering competition and comes out the hero. Although it’s short and sweet, it’s in the consumer’s language and this gave them a lot of exposure and seemed to be appreciated by the grammy nominee. They earned themselves a retweet, a response from Iggy Azalea and kept the conversation going with her fans. Well played DiGiorno Pizza, well played.

iggy azalea digiorno tweetThe beauty of this passive marketing is that you never have to say anything negative about your competition; they did that part for you. Make sure you are in the right position to capitalize on your competition in the digital world.

Don’t just utilize social networks to only stay in touch and reach your current and prospective clientele, use it to stay up to speed on your competition. Know what promotions they are offering, analyze their tone and take note of any changes they make. You can usually get a good feel of what your competition is doing through social media if you pay attention. You may even find someone saying something poor about your competition. This is your chance to capitalize!

iggy azalea papa johns tweetsLike the Iggy Azalea example, DiGiorno Pizza didn’t have to say anything bad about Papa John’s to make a strong impression on the customer. Something short and sweet will do the trick and if it’s appropriate, throw in a call-to-action. Somehow let them know you feel bad they’ve had an unpleasant experience and imply they would have a better one if they came to you.

What brand have you seen do a good job of capitalizing on their competition?

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