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Your Marketing Needs Some R & R… & R

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Marketing Help Did you ever have those moments as a child when you were hanging out with your friends and your parents would try to act cool and hip with the hopes of relating to you? Or perhaps you’re the parent, trying to find ways to connect with your child. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, the kid gets embarrassed and shuts the parent out, which is followed by a frustrated parent, and then nobody wins. When it does work, the kid grows closer with the parent and life goes on.

In today’s ever-evolving marketing world, brands are constantly seeking ways to be the parent  and relate to their target audience (i.e., the kid). Think about it, have you ever seen an advertisement you were able to relate to? In the long run, it probably positively influenced your buying habits. On the other side of that token, have you ever seen an advertisement that was targeted toward you and it made you feel frustrated or offended? In the long run that probably influenced your buying decision negatively.

How do you create messaging that’s going to show the best results? Start with some R&R&R. No, not rest and relaxation, but relevance, resonation and relatability. Understanding these three R’s and how it pertains to your brand and your target audience will help you and your brand meet your marketing objectives

To ensure that your brand message is relevant, first clearly identify your target audience. Doing so will give you a clear picture of who you need to craft your message for. After this, do some research both offline and online to understand what is relevant to that target audience.

For example, let’s say your target audience members are males between the ages of 40 to 55 who live in Appleton, Wis. After doing some online research (using search engines and social media insights) and having some face-to-face conversations, you discover that this target audience is interested in personal investing, fishing and the Green Bay Packers. Most of them are married with kids and make more than $50,000 per year. Now you can begin to craft a message that is relevant to them based off their interests and demographics.

Include the other two R’s: resonation and relatability. If you get this part wrong, it will be like the parent trying to fit in with the kid and his or her friends only to fail (no pressure or anything). First  determine what attributes of the message will resonate (i.e. stir up some emotion) with your target audience.

If we use the example of the die-hard Packers fan and father, begin brainstorming a message that will speak to them and cause them to feel an emotion. A video of a father and son playing football perhaps? At the end of the day, the message and brand needs to cause some kind of an effect on the target audience, so it resonates with them.

Lastly make sure the brand and message is relatable. If the message is too outdated or too forward, you can quickly lose the attention of your audience. To ensure you’ll be safe, run your message by a few members of your current customer base who fit into the target audience to get their thoughts and feelings on it.

Understanding the three R’s of your brand will help you craft a brand message that meets your marketing objectives and adapt with the changing market.

Your competition is working hard to discover ways to better create brand messages that resonate and relate to your shared target audience. How do you stack up? If you’re interested in teaming up with the experts at Candeo Creative to craft your brand message, contact me and let’s get started!

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