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Photoshop Trick: Black And White With Pops Of Color!

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There are times when you just need to quickly edit a photo or graphic but don’t know where to start. In this short blog, I will go over how to turn images black and white, as well as turn images black and white with areas in color.

Making a color image black and white:

There are two different kinds of black and white transformations within Photoshop, destructive and nondestructive. Destructive black and white images, means turning the image black and white where you basically write over the existing color. This method causes you to lose the existing color of the image. Nondestructive means transforming the photo to black and white, but you do not lose the color incase you need to return it to that state.


Open your photo in Photoshop.


Go to image > Mode > Grayscale


After you click Grayscale it is going to ask you, “Discard color information?” Click yes. This is where you lose the color of the photo and can’t get it back unless you start over. Once you click yes, this is what you should have:


If you want to make the photo slightly brighter or have a little more contrast: Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. If you are satisfied with your image go to File > Save.

Nondestructive black and white photo with selections of color:

Using this method you can have a black and white photo with pops of color. This is a very popular technique with many ways to achieve it  in Photoshop. Here is the simplest way for you to get the effect:

Open your color photo in Photoshop. To the right of your entire Photoshop window, go to your layers panel and right click on the “background” layer. Choose the “duplicate layer” option to create a second layer of the same image. Once you have that created and have that layer selected, click Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.

hue saturation

Drag the Saturation down to -100 or all the way to the left. Click OK.


You should now have two layers, one with a colored image and one with the image in black and white. While on the black and white image layer, use the eraser tool to erase the section of black and white that you want to be colored.


To increase or decrease the size of the erasing tool use the bracket keys on your Mac keyboard. *[ ]*

When you have completed this, your image should look similar to this:

orange flower

Stay tuned for more Photoshop tricks!

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