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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Brainstorming Session Part 2

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How do you take your team’s brainstorming session from a rain drizzle to hurricane? Check out part one of how to get the most out of your brainstorming session!

Keep an Open Mind and Atmosphere

Not every team member needs to be a creative genius to be a part of a team brainstorming session. All forms of thinking should be welcome, as long as nobody is stagnating the creativity level. Don’t invite company heavyweights who might inhibit expression or dominate the flow of ideas. Like I mentioned earlier, it is important for everyone to feel comfortable in a brainstorming session. Each team member needs to be open minded. If there is someone who makes you feel judged or makes your ideas feel inferior, maybe it is best if they are left out. Brainstorming sessions need to be kept as positive as possible. If someone has a great idea, tell them! Giving compliments to teammates when they are deserved reassures team members of their value and it also ensures a positive environment.

Client Awareness

Make sure everybody participating is on the same page. Start your meeting with the creative brief as well as consumer and industry insights. I think this information is put to best practice when all team members have had the time to brainstorm and prepare on their own time before collaborating in a group setting. Make sure this information is available before the group brainstorming session begins and reiterated at the start. It is important that everybody on the team has an understanding of the client, the industry and the target market. Make sure you have a clear objective to guide your brainstorming session.

Give It Time

Don’t make the campaign concrete until the team has had a day or two to think through the details. Sometimes it takes a while to process everything that the team has discussed. My best ideas come right before bed as I am trying to fall asleep. Sometimes it’s better to sit on an idea instead of forcing it right away.

Take Note

Write down all of your ideas from the brainstorming session. There are many ways to go about this. You can assign one of the team members to take notes as ideas come. As the team member who is in charge of taking these ideas and putting them into practice, I prefer seeing people’s ideas from their own standpoint. We have different ways of doing this at Candeo Creative. Sometimes we will give each member a dry erase marker to write down all of their ideas on a separate window. Then we collaborate and talk through each idea to formulate the strongest concepts on a separate window. We will then take pictures of each individual thought process as well as the collaborated window with the marked up recipe for a successful campaign. We also utilize our chalkboard wall. We generally start with a main idea and have team members write out their thoughts and ideas that support it as it is brought up in our strategic conversation. Both tactics are good ways to visually see the evolution of ideas and it allows for team members to build off of each other.

No Idea Is Too Crazy

My team members will probably vouch that I have proposed some pretty outlandish and crazy ideas in my time; some of them work very well and some of them are ultimately too over the top. But the reason that some of these seemingly outrageous ideas work is because another team member may be able to build off of that concept and tame it down in a way I would have never thought of. Don’t ever be afraid to say something seemingly too crazy. In my experience, some of the best ideas are conceived from kookiest concepts.

If you are a member of a creative team, this is often the most enjoyable aspect of the job. It allows for creativity to grow in ways that can be much more difficult individually.

How does your team tackle the creative process?

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