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What Makes A Great Workplace?

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office cubicles We’ve all worked jobs that we couldn’t wait to get away from. Food service, retail, seasonal work, etc. These jobs may have given us a paycheck, but there’s a reason why we left. As we progress through life and finish our schooling, we hopefully move into more professional jobs. Most likely, our past jobs didn’t have the essentials of a great work environment:

Open communication—Having open communication is essential in the work place. In a professional environment where everyone is busy and has conflicting schedules, it is important that everyone is on the same page. Communicating with others in the workplace will also help build relationships, which is great for employees and the business!

Meetings— When everyone is busy, objectives and tasks can be forgotten or get pushed to the side. Meetings can help keep everyone on track and should have clearly defined objectives. Reviewing objectives with the whole office, department or one-on-one will help keep everyone’s eyes on the prize. Office-wide, departmental or one-on-one meetings are all effective. They can vary in duration, but it’s about the quality of the meeting, not the time spent in the meeting. Employees who have a

Everyone knows his/hers role—The first two points lead to everyone knowing his/her role. If people are not communication and meetings run off track,, employees’ roles need to be clearly defined. When individuals in the office understand the tasks they should be performing, everything will run smoother.

Team chemistry— Getting your co-workers together for lunch, dinner, drinks, a movie, grilling out or anything else where everyone can interact and have a good time are great for team morale! Activities help everyone get to know each other a little better and it helps everyone to get along better.

Feng shui—The office design can play a role in company morale. If everyone in the office has his/her own cubicle, which is closed off from others, it can be hard to openly communicate, I can only imagine that it’s not too fun to be stuck in a cube all day. It’s beneficial for the company when employees can get up and talk with each other, shoot some garbage can baskets, putt on an office putting green and do other quirky things to get their minds off of work for a few minutes. Getting away and getting your mind off things can also help you be more productive.

When you spend 40 plus hours of your week in your workplace, you want it to be somewhere you enjoy! Try to find an environment that offers these things and you’ll be a happy employee!

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