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How Coaching Soccer Makes Me A Better Leader

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jamie's soccer team

In our society, being a young leader has been proven to be a challenge. How do we approach younger or older generations with intentions that will help them be successful? As I grow in my leadership position, I find myself constantly seeking ways to be more encouraging and motivating. Being a leader isn’t only about critiquing people on what they are doing wrong or
what they are doing well, but inspiring and coaching them to be the most successful person
they can be.

I love to be transparent when it comes to my leadership style. Transparency is allowing people to view the human side of you. I don’t see myself as a “boss,” but as a teammate. While I believe respect is important in leadership, I also want to be seen as open, understanding, honest and human. Openness and honesty leads to a happier staff and colleagues. And for one, helps me sleep at night.

I never realized how some of my favorite hobbies relate to my growth as a leader. One of my absolute favorite pastimes is soccer. After playing soccer throughout elementary to high school, I have always had an excellent connection and love for the sport! After my years of playing, I wanted to continue being involved in the sport so I took on a coaching position. I was assistant coach for a few years alongside my father, who has also been a huge part of my soccer career, and this year decided to take the head coach position.

jamie's soccer sketchIn a lot of ways, coaching and leadership go hand-in-hand. I am there to inspire, guide and motivate using my past experiences and knowledge. Coaching is also a great way to learn more about being a team player. Letting others shine, encouraging innovative tactics and working as a team to see success.

Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.” – SEAL Team Saying

As a leader at Candeo Creative, I need to learn to balance feelings and emotions with tasks and feedback. Working with a bunch of emotional, dramatic teenagers has definitely prepared me and given me the chance to experience different situations and how they can be best handled. Whether it’s a girl who didn’t show up for the game, or a girl who is bringing too much negativity to the field, it has really help me balance how to approach situations and how, as a team, we can work together to create an answer.

Another key quality in coaching, as with leadership, is passion. I see this growing in me every day. As a coach, I know I am passionate about the game and the strategy behind it, but how can I use that as a leader? Understanding that passion is contagious and showing that you love doing what you do will create positivity and pride in people’s work. This makes the end result much more rewarding.

So whether I am with my team on a rugged, muddy field or in an inspiring office where creativity is a forefront, I am grateful.

What do you do to be a better leader?

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