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Social Engagement: What It Is And How To Get More Of It!

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4395881839_5e74cd4c57_bIf you build it, they won’t come.

Posting on your social media channels regularly may look great, but if you’re not seeing consistent engagement with your fans and followers, you are missing sales and engagement opportunities with your future and potentials customers or clients.

Before we jump into ways to increase engagement, let’s cover how engagement is measured:

  • Liking: When a fan or followers ‘likes’ your content. This is the easiest form of engagement.
  • Sharing: When someone shares your brand content on their personal social media channel. This is arguably the most powerful form of engagement.
  • Commenting: When someone leaves a comment on the content that you shared. This is the hardest form of engagement.

Below are some killer ways to grow your social media engagement; check out some of our favorites:

  • Campaigns: Campaigns are created to share a message in a creative way. Your campaign can be educational in nature or you can tie in a promotion as well. Often times, a campaign is used to educate and influence the target audience in a creative way.
  • Promotions: Promotions are where you offer something to your target audience to get them engaged with the brand. There are three kinds of promotions: offers, sweepstakes and contests. Here’s what they mean:
    • Offers: An offer is where you offer something to your social media fanbase. For an example: ‘20% off our cookies today only exclusively to our Facebook fans! This is a great way to drive sales and provide value to your fans and followers.
    • Sweepstakes: This is a type of promotion where you can collect valuable information in exchange for the user entering to win a prize (picked at random). For an example: ‘enter our sweepstakes by entering your name and email for a chance to win an iPad!’
    • Contests: Contests are based off of merit; you have to to submit something to win a prize. The winner is selected based off of a preset criteria. Here’s an example: ‘submit your favorite picture of your pet for a chance to win a free gift card to Starbucks!’ At this point, you can pick a winner based off your criteria (whether that be whoever gets the most votes or whatever one you like the most).
  • Editorial calendars: If you’re scratching your head on what you want to write about, begin planning your content in advance. You can have some fun with this! There’s a theme for just about every day; use the resource CheckIDay to see what’s happening on a daily basis! Make sure you plan your content in advance, about 1 week in advance, to be safe! It will help posting content a whole lot easier!
  • Be proactive: find other consumers and brands who fit your target market and engage with them! Liking, sharing and commenting as your brand with others in the social media world is a sure way to increase your brand engagement and reach!

Happy engagement! Still stumped? Call us at 920-252-8128 to set up a free consultation!

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