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A Logo Is a Company’s Book Cover

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Many small or startup businesses question why a brand or a logo is something they even need to really invest in.  When asked this, I always try to give them the perspective of a potential customer or client. Let’s say your business is a book. The content or ‘inside’ could be full of greatness and strategy, but the cover is not really developed professionally. The customer or client will be turned off by the cover and not even bother to look inside.

We still live in an age where people “judge a book by its cover.” The same is with your business. How many times have you gone to purchase a product from a store and ended up purchasing based off appearances?  If you have a competitor whose brand is professional and eye-catching, customers’ will more likely give their money to them regardless of whether or not what you offer is better.

A logo serves two main functions. It visually communicates what the company provides or offers to allow a memorable or recognizable reference for future encounters. A logo also differentiates your business from your competitors. Giving an identity to your brand will help sell your company’s goods and services.

So if starting up a business, a logo should be one of the first things you think about. This will be the foundation for all of your branding to build on. For example, website, business cards, letterhead, product packaging, brochures and much more! Also, unless you have some artistic talent, you should really resist the temptation to whip out Microsoft paint and try to come up with something yourself. A professional knows the correct colors and files your logo should be in for when it needs to be reproduced or printed.

When it comes to what you should pay for a logo, there really is no value. Although you may want to stay within a budget, the logo’s importance is right up there with the company’s services.  If you are stubborn and want to take this process on, here are some tips to help you understand how to create a well established logo:

1. Use a visual double entendre: An entendre is a logo that has two pictures wrapped into one through clever interpretation of an idea.

2. Color: Rich color palettes will be more effective on certain audiences than pastels would. To learn more about this topic, read about it here: Empower Yourself with Color Psychology.

3. Avoid Clichés: Don’t replicate logos you have already seen or mimic what everyone else is doing.

4. Make it yours: Strive for something different that is uniquely recognizable.

5. Custom type: Do NOT just use stock fonts that come with your paint program or even in the adobe programs. There are tons of commercially free fonts that allow you to create a more unique logo. Find some at: Font Squirrel

6. Last but not least, KEEP IT SIMPLE: Less is always more when it comes to logos. For example Nike, Apple and Adidas are all memorable, yet simple logos.

Considering the values that we have established thus far, how does your own brand stack up?

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