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5 Tips for Better Photography!

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Whether you’re a beginner, advanced or professional photographer, these tips will help your photography improve.


Bring your camera everywhere.

You can’t get better at your photography if you never have a camera on you! Take it places; out for a walk, to a park or family gathering. Bring it anywhere and everywhere that cameras are allowed. With your camera by your side, you can catch those quick moments that happen in everyday life. Don’t be afraid to take some shots while on the street or while riding a bus. It will help you to become more creative and see beauty out of ordinary things.

Play with perspective.

An easy way to change up photography is by changing up your perspective.

When you see a bench in a park, your initial thought is to take a picture head on. In photography, you’re trying to see things in a different way. Maybe you’ll take a side view of the bench, or stand on the bench or even go under the bench. Moving around your subject is super helpful when it comes to finding a good shot.

Perspective_branches (1)

Go for the unexpected and make things interesting. Is there a person on the bench? Any distinguishing marks that are different? Try close shots and wide shots. Try everything to make that bench the most interesting bench that you’ve ever photographed.

Invest in a tripod.

Do I really need a tripod? Yes! Definitely yes! Many people grumble about buying tripods, but they can be very beneficial when it comes to photography. First, tripods take away any and all camera shake! Do you want a clear, sharp photo? Strap that camera to a tripod and you got it. It helps when you’re in low lighting situations to use a tripod to get that perfect photo.

Tripods also help you take advantage of framing. Photography is all about what’s in the frame. With a tripod you can line up your subject perfectly within the viewfinder. It takes out all the uncertainty of a camera being held by hand. Your subject will be exactly where you put it when using a tripod.

Take advantage of negative space.

Many people feel that they need to take advantage of their whole frame when doing photographing, but sometimes it’s nice to have some free space. Negative space refers to the blank space around your main subject. This can be anything from a blank wall to a beautiful skyline.

When photographing, we can become too consumed in our main subject and distort the way we see it in our head. A good way to bypass this is to focus instead on the negative space and let your subject shine on its own.

Take a look at this article featuring negative space photos.


Take as many shots as you can!

Most cameras these days have a continuous shot setting. This allows you to take as many photos as you want in quick succession. This is so helpful! It may seem unnecessary, but it will help you get the photo you want every time.

Let’s say you’re photographing a person. If you take just one photo of them, there’s a chance they could blink, or their hair could move in front of their face and you’ll have to retake the photo anyway. When taking multiple shots, you’re guaranteed to get at least one good one without having to retake the initial shot. Yes you may have to sift through a couple more photos when it comes to organizing later, but it’s one of the most helpful things that I use when photographing.

Remember to enjoy yourself when photographing!

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  1. Great tips!

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