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How To Work Your Way Around Writer’s Block

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Pulling Hair Out

Writer’s block is a fear that all writers have. It seems to set in at the worst possible times. There seems to be no flow of ideas moving through your head and you have to meet a deadline. There’s no time for you to have your head on your desk, moping and asking yourself ”why now?”  The blank screen will stay that way forever unless you find some creativity and fast. The answer to pushing past writer’s block may actually be closer than you think.

Exercising is proven to boost creative thought. It doesn’t mean you need a full-fledged workout with sweatbands or spotters. If you need that little boost, take a short walk, do some push-ups, jumping jacks, crunches, etc. Anything that will get your blood pumping will work. People may find it odd, but possibly looking “weird” for a few minutes will be better than having a blank page to turn in.

Talking, though it seems obvious, can greatly help with creativity. After silently staring at the 15 words you have accumulated over the past hour, your brain has exhausted all of its creativity. Conversing with others makes you have to think of things you want to say, which will help get some of the creative juices flowing.­­

Food is another factor that can influence writer’s block. Foods like blueberries, salmon, nuts, avocados and whole grains are supposed to improve your brain’s health. Apples do the trick for me. They can give you energy without the crash. Try to stay away from soda, junk food or anything with lots of sugar in it. Sugar has been known to give people a quick boost, but it can really have a negative effect on your brain in the end.

We don’t want anyone pulling out their hair (see image below) or throwing their computer out the window. Exercising, talking to others or out loud and eating the proper foods are simple things that can be done in order to help get past writer’s block. So write on writers, write on.

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