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How Throwback Thursday Benefits Brands

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Throwback Thursday, otherwise known as #TBT, is not just for posting old school personal pictures anymore. Brands can also take advantage of this trend.

The hashtag #TBT started as a way for people to share older photos of themselves and reminisce about the past. Now, businesses see this as an opportunity to create trendy content that builds relationships with consumers.

According to Stephanie Frasco of Social Media Today, “If you participate in the trend correctly you can brand your business and earn a lot of respect and social credibility.” Frasco also adds that one #TBT photo can reach a wide audience over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a blogging platform.

Benefits of Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday posts say a lot about a brand. Here are three positive characteristics of businesses using #TBT:

1. Experienced

The success of a business often relates to how long the company has been around. Throwback Thursday is a chance for people to look back on a company’s history and growth.

2. Trendy

As social media trends come and go quickly, #TBT posts show that a brand is on the cutting edge. Participating with these posts tells consumers that a brand is relatable, fun and worth their investment.

3. Unique

#TBT is a way to share a brand’s unique story. From the ribbon cutting ceremony to the first Christmas party, every company has memories to reminisce about. By sharing a story through #TBT, a brand can showcase its personality.

According to Craig Carter from Ignite Social Media, the following tweets are examples of how businesses have successfully used the Throwback Thursday hashtag to engage with an audience:


This old-school post by Wendy’s showcased some vintage style while highlighting their very own fast food innovation.

Old-School Wendy's Photo

Southwest Airlines

After 42 years of service, Southwest Airlines tweeted this photo of their original Houston location as a way to inform and entertain.

Southwest Airlines Original

Creating Throwback Thursday Content

Every company has its own history. Throwback Thursday is a chance to tell that story. And who doesn’t enjoy that nostalgic feeling? Whether its business innovations, the first office space or an old logo, every brand can benefit from participating in #TBT.

What brands have you seen use #TBT?

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