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2014 Digital Marketing Predictions


Paper Fortune Tellers We can’t believe it’s already 2014! It seems this past year went by in a flash. 2013 brought us many new changes in the wonderful world of advertising.

The rapid pace that technological advancement is moving at tells us to fasten our seatbelts and prepare for further continual change. Just as soon as people start getting used to a platform or service, an update will come out or perhaps a competitor will emerge and quickly take over. This is why marketers must always have their eyes on what’s upcoming and already understand what’s new.

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s digital marketing highlights!

“Big Data” gets bigger & better

Users share their personal information with brands in exchange for benefits. Currently there aren’t many effective ways that user data is fully compiled and understood; however this will surely advance.

Predictive technologies will become much more sophisticated this year as both advertisers and marketers get on the same page about data acquisition and management. Advertisers will need to focus more on finding the point where an anonymous customer becomes identified and known.

With identified customers’ profiles, we get a clearer understanding of the customer’s behaviors, interests and desires, which in turn makes it easier to offer them personalized ad experiences that ultimately benefit every party involved. Currently it is said that between 40-60 percent of online display advertising isn’t seen and is therefore wasted. However, this will not always be the case. Predictive technology will help deliver relevant messages at the right time and place to the on-the-go, multitasking consumer (with a short attention span, no doubt).

Social media marketing will keep evolving & promotional posts will blend in

Social media channels keep changing and new ones gain ground quick. The bottom line: everything is becoming more visual. Twitter images now show up automatically instead of requiring a user to click a link. Vine’s implementation into Twitter and Instagram’s own version of short video is just the beginning. Facebook has made videos silently auto-play on mobile devices. Photo and video are driving the most effective content online.

Once Twitter began offering the ability to specially target sponsored posts that naturally blend into a user’s feed (despite the “Sponsored post” marker on it), Facebook and LinkedIn both quickly followed suit, and now even Pinterest has begun making a profit off advertisers by rolling out “Promoted Pins” into users’ feeds that blend in just as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn’s promoted posts do.

In order to make a profit, Facebook has even admitted that businesses will need to pay for a larger reach as unpaid, organic promotions now only reach a small fraction of total fans.

But wait — we can’t leave out Google+, now can we? Google+ is joining the game of monetization as well. They are testing their +Post ads that will be advertised not on Google+ itself, but actually throughout the web on Google’s Display Network linking to the Google+ page. If a brand pays for this premium post placement, the ad can capture people across the web rather than those only currently browsing the social network.

Mobile takes over while wearable tech & backyard drones become commonplace

It’s undeniable that people are ditching their desktops to use smartphones and tablets much more. Did you know over 90% of Americans own cell phones now and 57% go online using their mobile phone? This trend will only continue as digital content becomes better adapted for smaller devices.

In 2013 we saw the emergence of drones, flexible displays, 3-D printers and better wearable technology. We are about to see huge improvements in these fields, and as the future becomes more clear we are even more excited for what’s in store. 2014 will take all of these things to the next level and marketers will need to be prepared every step of the way. Things are going to get pretty crazy!

Cheers to an exciting new year ahead of us!

2 thoughts on “2014 Digital Marketing Predictions

  1. Interesting facts, I think you’re right on online ads…from what I’ve been reading that Facebook and Google Adwords are coming up with more effective ways of reaching customers with ads. We’ll see what happens in the world of Digital Marketing this year! 🙂

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