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Creativity Is A Sudden Cessation Of Stupidity

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“Creativity is a sudden cessation of stupidity.” – Edwin H Land, scientist and inventor

Okay, not all creative ideas and concepts come from stupidity, but entertainingly enough, Edwin thought so! Many people are under the impression that it is hard and intimidating to be creative, and in turn get frustrated when the answer doesn’t just show up. So there lies the ultimate question: Are you left brain, or right brain? The answer is…neither.

According to Belle Beth Cooper, a content crafter at Buffer, the whole left brain vs. right brain thinkers is a myth. “Unless you’ve had this procedure yourself, or had half of your brain removed, you’re not right or left brained,” Cooper said.

So…how do people come up with out-of-the-box, obsessively amazing and creative idea?  Using the less obvious ways.

Training yourself to not follow or look for where to find ideas is key in allowing your mind to naturally come up with creative ideas.  Use memory. Instead of viewing an idea and copying it or following it while you work or brainstorm on your project, put it away.  Try to remember why that particular idea stood out. Sometimes only using what you remember will allow you to build more and create a piece that is truly original rather than just copied.

Drake Baer states, “Psychologist Art Markan defines ‘openness to experience’ as the degree to which a person is willing to consider new ideas and opportunities.” Basically stating you need to break out of the norm. People get comfortable with familiar processes or what is trending now that they limit themselves to not push beyond that.

Here are some ideas to push you toward inspiration. Get out of the office. Wandering around your local town, viewing the scenery and watching others interact can be a great thinking tool of how the project will be a part of your community and help you envision.

Be different. Flat design is ‘in’ at this time, so create a design that is all three dimensional or animated.

Don’t­­­ be afraid to fail. Failures are needed to succeed. In the meantime, here are some other sources of inspiration:

  •      Music
  •      Travel
  •      Friends and Family
  •      Co-workers
  •      Caffeine
  •      Creative games

Another interesting time of day to brainstorm ideas is when you are tired. Have you ever noticed you think about your best ideas when you are not forcing them? For example, coming up with your best ideas when you are taking a hot, long shower. That’s because your brain is not as good at filtering out distractions while focusing on a particular task. It’s also a lot less efficient at remembering connections between ideas or concepts. These are both good things when it comes to creative work, since this kind of work requires us to make new connections, be open to new ideas, and think in new ways, according to Cooper.

So what have we learned today? To be creative you must not work, hang out with family and friends more, take more naps and play games! How do you stay creative?

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