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Get Online, Or Die

For years now, marketers have been preaching to you: “get a website; manage your Facebook page; invest in SEO; open a web store to sell what you offer.” It seems that we all know the importance of being online, and you may have a website or a Facebook page, but are you really taking your online presence seriously?

Just to clarify, when I say online I am referring to:

  • Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) presence
  • Your SEM (search engine marketing) presence
  • Your social media presence (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Your website presence
  • Your mobile web/application presence

If you’re not online, or you’re not taking your web presence seriously, you’re dead. Gone. Donzo. Finished. Although this may seem a little extreme, take a look at some of these numbers below provided by Wamda.

1. New media is killing old media.

new vs old

2. Smartphone users are spending more of their time texting and social networking (combined) than talking or browsing the web.

Those looking to build another smartphone app might want to consider these facts. Could the experience of sharing information over chat be improved?


3. iOS is driving the overwhelming majority of e-commerce website traffic.

Despite the fact that Android wins at nearly everything, including market share for smartphones and tablets, iOS is leading in U.S. ad revenue according to Business Insider.


4. Digital video revenue is dominated by on-demand services.

Although the vast majority of global ad dollars spent is still in TV, digital revenue is growing. In the U.S., Netflix brings in far more than YouTube, while Hulu’s revenue is shrinking. As YouTube turns on ad services in emerging markets, its revenue will continue to accelerate.

digital video

5. The wearable market is set to skyrocket

The wearable marketing is growing from around $2 billion this year to around $12 billion in 2018. According to Business Insider’s data, 22% of those polled think wearables are the next big thing in mobile (more than any other category), and yet 87% of respondents have never purchased or received one.


Marketing and advertising growth continues to shift to digital. If your brand is not active here, or your brand is not investing in digital marketing, start digging your grave now. This isn’t to say that traditional marketing is dead; traditional marketing is still very viable, but the shift to digital marketing grows more and more every single day.

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