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Get Hired: Only the Social Media Savvy Survive

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Finding the right job may be easier than you think. Social media recruiting has transformed the job search process from traditional mail-in paper resumes into personal brand creation across social networks. Jobvite’s 6th Annual Social Recruiting Survey shows hiring is now happening on social media channels. It’s time to dust off the cobwebs and concentrate on your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles to attract employers. If you’re seeking a new job, use this information as your strategy to get hired.

The statistics don’t lie. Companies see social networks as an effective way to recruit candidates. According to Jobvite, 92 percent of hiring managers used LinkedIn, 24 percent found candidates on Facebook and 14 percent hired from Twitter. Recruiting has improved employers ROI, leading to faster and better hires. By viewing your profile, recruiters learn your professional skills and seek out thought leaders and key influencers.

Social media recruiting is also the opportunity for job seekers to put their best foot forward. Job seeking professionals should approach their social networks as a way to market themselves. To land the job, the best candidates use social media as a way to brand themselves and showcase their skills. Just as we critique companies at a first glance, those potential employers also critique you based on your profiles. Don’t eliminate yourself before you even say “Hello.” Professional use of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook show employers your talent, work ethic and engagement. Remember to value your online presence and use social networks to market yourself.

Not only are job seekers competing, but employers must now enter the ring. Social media creates competition among companies to attract the best potential hires. The focus on employer branding shows potential hires which companies are industry leaders. Take some of the pressure off because you’re not the only one who needs to impress.

Social networks are where marketing and recruitment meet. The employer and jobseeker now make first impressions long before the first handshake. With great efficiency, social networks create a one-stop-shop for the multi-step hiring process. As you look for a new job, utilize your social networks to find the best match for you.

How are you engaging professionally on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter?

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