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How to Use Pinterest For Holiday Promotions

As we scramble to find the perfect holiday presents, many of us will turn to Pinterest for gift inspiration. The infographic, The Social Side of Holiday Shopping, shows how 65% of shoppers use social media to find the perfect gift. Of the social media platforms, Pinterest can be utilized as a powerful tool for businesses to market their brand this holiday season.

Many small businesses use Pinterest as a way to showcase items during the holiday season. The infographic, Why Use Pinterest For Your Holiday Promotions, by Gryffin Media shows how businesses can use Pinterest to encourage more engagement by creating a trending topic board or promotional contest.

“Pin it to Win it!”

To participate in this type of contest, users must repin images to their personal Pinterest boards. This gives small businesses the chance to showcase their products or holiday items and encourage engagement with users as they share the content with others.

Trending Topic Board

With a trending topic board, a business can highlight Christmas decor, recipes and gift ideas. As users get into the holiday spirit, businesses have the opportunity to meet user’s needs. Pinterest is a way for businesses to show users that they know what they are looking for!

To begin a Pinterest holiday topic board, the Social Media Examiner suggests you create a board, add a description and categorize it. Now you can begin pinning relevant products and content. Be sure to include a description of the products to entice users to engage and repin. During the appropriate holiday season, move holiday-themed boards to the top of your profile page.

The social shopping experience continues to grow, especially during the holidays. With people turning to social media this holiday season for inspiration, deals and recommendations, Pinterest for businesses is worth considering.

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