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What Makes a GIF Great?

We’ve all seen them. The short video clips played on a loop for your never-ending entertainment. In a visually driven world, GIF’s provide a sequence of images that excel at catching our short attention spans.

Packed with a punch, GIFs show a message in seconds. From ironic to heartfelt, these to-the-point image files don’t make viewers wait for a story. Unlike web videos, a GIF makes you laugh, smile, cringe or scream in just a blink.


Source: Funny or Die

GIFs popularity can also be contributed to the nostalgia factor, according to Alex Williams at The New York Times.

“For people in their 20s, GIFs are a relic of their childhood, so it makes sense they would come back as a fashion statement— just like 70s fashion came back in the 90s, and the 90s are coming back around now,” Jason Tanz, executive editor of Wired, told Williams.

The GIF has exploded online, portraying every event and emotion possible. Entertainment news, sport networks and bloggers turn to GIFs to give viewers what they want right away on platforms like Tumblr and BuzzFeed. Did you miss the moment an actress fell at the Oscars? There’s a GIF for that. Does a cute puppy tumble make your heart melt? Well, watch it on repeat until your heart’s all aflutter.


Source: Funny or Die

In the GIF world, there is no shortage of funny pop culture moments, shocking sports footage or movie highlights. The best moments ever are preserved for your viewing pleasure over and over again.

What’s your all-time favorite GIF?

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