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Virgin America Proves How Music Can Market a Brand

It’s hard to ignore Virgin America’s safety video released on Tuesday in response to FAA-mandated safety instructions. This airlines does things differently. With inflight safety instructions set to music, passengers stay at the edge of their seats. With eye-catching and ear-catching creativity, Virgin America shows how music can be a marketing tool that strengthens a brand’s image. Watch the Virgin America Safety Video here.

Throughout our day, music surrounds us. Whether we are in the car, office, mall or elevator, music never leaves our side. With this strong connection in mind, there is something powerful to say about the influence of music over our lives.

Music in advertising

It’s no wonder that marketers include the power tool of music to reach an audience. Music enhances an advertising experience by capturing the audience’s attention and enhancing a given message. A sense of excitement and intrigue makes the audience remember a brand long after they have heard or seen it. With YouTube the second most popular search engine, song and dance sensations can be then discovered and shared in seconds.

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Virgin America proves music can be catchy enough to spice up previously snooze-worthy safety instructions. With the release of this video, Virgin America brands themselves as an airline that isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. Taking flight in 2007 as America’s newest airline carrier, this young company used their marketing strategy to make a bold impression. Virgin America strives to create a customer experience unmatched by other airlines. The newly released safety video was preceded by this safety video that holds true to the brand’s bold personality.

Using Virgin America as inspiration, we can check out another brand who understands the power of music (and dance).

Last summer, Kleenex launched a campaign that incorporated the strong appeal to music videos. In the commercial, “Shield Sneeze Swish,” targeting mothers and their children, grade school kids performed a choreographed routine demonstrating how to prevent the spread of germs. Similar to Virgin America’s safety video release, Kleenex used song and dance to entertain families while sending an important health message. In their efforts to entertain and raise awareness, Kleenex showed the brand’s creativity, originality and quality compared to its competitors.

The popularity of music videos on YouTube was a motivating factor for Kleenex. Jim Hord, executive creative director at JWT New York, said, “There’s a real trend with kids these days of taking videos of themselves mimicking dance moves.” Hord added his inspiration for the commercial came from instructional dance videos, specifically noting a YouTube video with 8 million views for “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.

With dreams to create viral content, marketers can use music to make this happen. Both Virgin America and Kleenex prove the success of music video style marketing. As we continue to watch this trend, keep your eyes on the sky to see if Virgin America’s safety video helps brand themselves as the saucy and musically inclined airline.

What other brands use music to market themselves?

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