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How To Brainstorm New Ideas As A Team

Need creative ideas? Involve the whole team. Brainstorming as a team brings many perspectives to the table and allows for spontaneous ideas to develop.

Not all ideas will lead to the latest campaign, but open communication can spark the imagination of a group. With the following tips in mind, a team can have a successful brainstorming session that cultivates brilliant ideas.

Get comfortable Each team member should be comfortable during a brainstorming session. People are most likely to share ideas when they feel accepted and valued by the group. An honest and respectful environment leads to a productive and enthusiastic brainstorming session. With everyone comfortable, ideas can build into something unique. Ensuring a relaxed and open atmosphere throughout a brainstorming session sets the stage for everyone to listen, collaborate and grow.

No idea is too crazy Don’t rule out any ideas during a brainstorming session. Even the craziest idea can lead to something great. The “Father of Advertising” David Ogilvy said: “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” Thinking outside of the box means pushing the boundaries and pushing the limits of creativity. As team members share their ideas, however crazy they seem, new ideas can form and combine to create unique concepts.

Always at the cutting edge, thought leaders don’t follow the crowd but instead embrace these crazy ways. You never know what a silly idea can become. With everyone’s ideas heard, the group should feel accomplished at the end of a successful brainstorming session. By creating a comfortable environment that accepts all ideas, especially the crazy ones, a team can generate fresh, unique and thought-provoking ideas.

With these brainstorming tips in mind, there is no limit on a group’s imagination.

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