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Too Busy to Tweet: 3 Free Tools to Schedule Tweets

Businesses onTwitter may not be the only people looking to schedule tweets in advance. While Hootsuite and SocialFlow allow businesses to manage multiple social media accounts, here are three tools for “regular” Twitter users. Don’t miss a beat with the ability to tweet into the future!

1. Twuffer

With a simple calendar-based interface, Twuffer lets you compose a list of future tweets and schedule their release. Simple and easy-to-use, Twuffer allows you to write out tweets and view your scheduled and sent tweets. Twuffer lets users schedule their content for whatever creative reason: run a time-based scavenger hunt, notify followers about upcoming podcasts or appear to never sleep.

2. FutureTweets

As another simple tweet scheduler, FutureTweets lets you send recurring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tweets. With this feature, you’ll never forget another birthday again! As your own personal scheduler, FutureTweets is an easy way to send updates while you are away from your phone or computer, wish your friend a wonderful day each morning and remind yourself of Friday night drinks.

3. LaterBro

If you want to create and send tweets and Facebook status updates for later, try LaterBro. Choose your time zone, compose your tweet and then schedule it to be published whenever you want. With LaterBro, you’ll never lose touch with your friends and followers.

Although these services don’t allow you to break the latest news, with these three tweet schedulers you can keep your audience engaged while managing your busy schedule.

What free methods do you use to schedule your personal tweets?

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