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What We Can Learn From Snapchat


The smartphone app Snapchat knows how to capture your attention. This temporary form of social networking allows users to send photos and videos that automatically self-destruct within 10 seconds after they’re viewed. With the ability to capture a user’s attention in seconds, Snapchat shows us how innovative strategy can capture the interest of a distracted audience.

Although duckface ‘snaps’ may only seem like something you’d send your friends, here are some lessons businesses can learn from Snapchat.

Live in the moment. On their website, Snapchat explains the value of their product is to “share a moment and enjoy the lightness of being.” In a world that is hyper-documented, businesses can take the appeal of “living in the moment” and keep their audience engaged throughout the day. It’s not all about reaching people at a scheduled time every day. With this philosophy in mind, businesses can appeal to their audience by living in the moment with them.

Our 10 second attention span. Snapchat proves that capturing an audience’s attention in 10 seconds takes some creative thought. With this in mind, businesses must develop content that is impactful, evokes emotions and creates a sense of urgency. Just as users respond immediately to intriguing ‘snaps,’ successful marketing encourages customers to act right away.

Share exclusive content. Viewing a “leaked message” from a friend or a business is a way to feel part of something special. During Fashion Week, Rebecca Minkoff used Snapchat to debut runway fashions as a way to excite fans. This strategy of time-sensitive campaigns can be used across social media platforms to keep an audience wanting more. Snapchat also creates the “What is this?” effect that gets people engaged. Sharing a photo of a product from an abstract perspective can be the perfect opportunity for a contest or giveaway. This creative tactic encourages friendly competition and investment in your business.

Social media is always changing. As a young app, only two-years-old, Snapchat proves that social media is constantly changing. Fresh and innovative ideas will continue to circulate, so stay inspired with these lively social media trends.

Taking advice from Snapchat may seem like taking words of wisdom from your little brother, but some of the best advice comes from the new kids on the block.

What has Snapchat taught you?

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